Dinner Buffet at Flow, Millennium Hilton Bangkok

Flow is located by River Chaopraya at Millennium Hilton Bangkok Hotel. Its spacious dining area with high ceiling impresses an elegant flair. The seating area by the river is also spacious and is highly recommended if you dine at Flow during the winter of Bangkok (November-January).

The dinner buffet here put me under the impression that it is designed for mainly foreigners and tourists. The most prominent features of this buffet are darling preferences of them. It may be one of the reasons why we saw more tourists than locals at the dinner buffet on the day of our visit. Besides, Flow is the only restaurant in Thonburi District of Bangkok that offers quality international buffet by River Chaopraya. Nice food plus a splendid view of the famous River Chaopraya are the pulling factors for its popularity.

So what exactly are those features? Why tourists and foreigners like Flow? Let us first look at its irresistible features.

(1) Cheese Room: This cheese room is the only cheese room you can find in Thonburi District. In Bangkok, there are only a few restaurants offering artisan cheese in a chilled room. Here at Flow, you can enjoy many different kinds of cheese with dried fruits, biscuits, and condiments for choosing. It is one of the main reasons why western tourists love Flow.

Flow Millennium HiltonFlow Millennium HiltonFlow Millennium HiltonFlow Millennium Hilton(2) Choices of Thai food: Choices for Thai food is plenty and these hot dishes are appealingly arrayed. Diners can choose many traditional Thai dishes such as Thai-styled salad. Noodles lovers will like the noodles counter! Choices here seem especially more than other places, another pulling factor for tourists who can try many different Thai dishes in one place.


(3) A complete Japanese cuisine counter: What you can find here are sushi, sashimi, tempura and miso soup. We found the sushi and sashimi here fantastic! The tempura was also excellent! Fresh and flavourful. However, we are rather disappointed with the miso soup as it was not hot enough, not even lukewarm.

(4) Mouthwatering dessert counter: I am not very fond of dessert but I found their dessert here very tempting. Not very sugary but full of flavours, especially dessert with fresh fruits. Original taste of fresh fruits added natural flavour to the dessert. Very nice!


There are other choices of food available of course!

Oysters and shrimps: It would be more exciting to see a mountain of seafood. The presentation of seafood has largely diminished our appetite. Refill rate was not as satisfactory as expected. However, the oysters were fresh enough to eat only with a few drops of lemon juice.

Meat lovers, here you are the lamb and steak as well as cold cuts and foie gras. Although I found the lamb and steak rather chewy, and the pan-seared foie gras too oily, these dishes did add some must-have flavours in my buffet experience.


Overall speaking, the dinner buffet was fine. Spending a night by the river watching glittering night cruises passing by was quite an experience. It would be wonderful to open a bottle of wine and enjoy each kind of cheese from their cheese room! At the price of THb 1,800/ person nett, there is nothing I should complain.

Millennium Hilton Bangkok
Address: 123, Charoen Nakhon Rd., Khlong Ton Sai, Klong San, Bangkok 10600 Thailand
Phone: +662 442 2000

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