Kurobuta Pork and Seafood Grill Dinner Buffet, The SQUARE, Novotel Bangkok Platinum Pratunam

Kurobuta Pork and Seafood Grill Dinner Buffet offered at The SQUARE of Novotel Bangkok Platinum Pratunam surprises all diners in town. While all other restaurants promote seafood buffet, the creative team of Novotel Bangkok Platinum promotes Kurobuta pork. A delightful surprise that effortlessly catches the attention of buffet lovers in town. To realize reservations from attention, this creative team casts another surprising charm on buffet lovers, a charm that can turn buffet lovers into their diners. It is the charm of price – THB 999++ per person. Hotel guests can enjoy 50% discount; local diners with selected credit cards can enjoy ‘Come 3 Pay 2’ promotion.

See the video of this dinner buffet:

What do we like most in this buffet?

Despite the not-to-miss Kurobuta pork – the highlight of this buffet, there are quite a lot of tempting food choices. At the grill station, diners can find fresh scallops, shrimps, squids, fish, chicken and bacon rolls, etc. You don’t need to grill the selected food items by yourself, just pass your order to the chef and he will make your order accordingly. However, always advise the chef not to overgrill the Kurobuta pork and scallops. Local Thai still prefer to have all meat and seafood dishes very well done. To get the best taste of the scallops and Kurobuta pork, remember to ask the chef to make them just right for you.


Other recommended stations are the tom yum and som tum stations. At these stations, you can DIY your som tum and tom yum soup totally according to your preference of the ingredients and spiciness. All you need to do is to simply advise the chef how you would like your som tum and tom yum to be done. On the day of our visit, the chef was so kind that he made us a som tum and a tom yum soup with appealing plating. Of course, it was for photo-taking purpose. Som tum served at this buffet, unlike other hotel restaurants, was spicy. To me, it tasted very local. I think the chef would like to bring the real taste of Thailand to diners. For Thai food lovers, you may like the som tum here!

Apart from the signature Thai dishes, the Japanese counter was also very eye-catching. Generous pieces of sushi and sashimi are arrayed to arouse diners’ appetite.

Another counter that impressed me was the roasted duck and Cha Siu counter. I like the roasted duck a lot as its taste reminded me of Hong Kong. The duck was still juicy with satisfactory flavour.

We also like the appetizer & cheese counter. In fact, it’s the first long counter you will see when you step into The SQUARE. It’s a counter that is lively and creatively decorated. At this counter, you will find cold cuts including parma ham and melon (as seen in our VDO), homemade bakery, a salad bar with cheese and other nice appetizers. If you like homemade bread, try the squid ink bread.



Dessert counter here is amazing. This counter aims to quiet your sweet tooth and I am sure you will like the choices of sweet and dessert served at this counter! Never miss their cheesecakes and bread & Butter pudding!
In this buffet, diners can also savour pizzas freshly baked from their oven; delicious coconut ice-cream; many other hot dishes (as seen in the VDO). Now, if you ask whether we would recommend this dinner buffet? At THB 999++/person, we have nothing to complain at all! Something I would like to compliment is the chef and his team in the kitchen of The SQUARE. They are all local Thai. I guess, among most of the hotels in Bangkok, this team may even be the only team that consists of only Thai nationals. All the mouthwatering dessert was made by them!

As Novotel Bangkok Platinum is located right next to Platinum Fashion Mall, there are more diners after 8pm. If you plan to enjoy this feast after shopping at Platinum Fashion Mall, do make your reservation in advance. Gentle reminder that this Kurobuta Pork and Seafood Grill Dinner Buffet is only available daily until end of June 2016.

To see more photos of Kurobuta Pork and Seafood Grill Dinner Buffet, check out its Gallery on Facebook.

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