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The premium Champagne brunch at Red Sky of Centara Grand Hotel at Central World is available only on the first Sunday of each month. If this Premium Sunday brunch is ranked the second best in Bangkok, it may take you decades to think which Sunday brunch should rank the first. If you experience it yourself, you may find the word ‘premium’ is not sufficient to describe this brunch. To me, it is a top-notch, fantabulous Champagne brunch.

This Champagne Sunday brunch impressed me so much that I couldn’t help not making a reservation for another food orgasm. As an epicurean with a super-elastic stomach, I have to admit that I could not try all food items in this brunch. Imagine what it means! For those readers who have dined with me before, I am sure you will immediately be shocked. There are just so many food items, and each of them is of the best, the finest and the most premium quality and taste. For those real fine-dining epicureans out there, this Champagne brunch is definitely a knockout for you.

The indulgence in the finest food and 360° spectacular panorama of Bangkok started by the time I stepped out of the elevator at Red Sky. A sense of elegance and sophistication, which was explicitly pronounced from the setup of food counters and dining tables, stimulated my appetite for the finest dining experience on a sunny lazy Sunday.

As its name suggests, this Champagne brunch features free flowing of Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut Champagne, an elegant, fruity Champagne with a fresh, spiced finish. Not only does it serve as an excellent start, it is also a brilliant choice to pair with premium seafood.

Besides Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut Champagne, brunch cocktail, selected wines, as well as fruit juices are also available for diners to creatively pair with different food items in this brunch. Sipping my Champagne with satisfaction, I started my finest brunch experience.

A piece of buttery, fluffy croissant together with a delicate appetizer of caviar were presented to me after the Champagne was served. This croissant was so unforgettably delicious that it is indeed the first reason why I am so intended to return to Red Sky for another Champagne Brunch. Its buttery aroma watered my mouth. The crust was crisp and flaky, which was very distinct from the feather-like layers. The croissant tasted very buttery and well-seasoned. Normally, I would have had three to four more pieces. As my mission was to try as many food items as possible, I had to, very reluctantly, restrict myself to only one croissant.

The most eye-catching food counter is the seafood counter. Premium seafood including Maine lobsters, Phuket lobsters, slipper lobsters, crayfish, deep-sea tiger prawns, Alaskan king crabs, etc, were arrayed to put you in total shock. You may even craft “The best Sunday brunch in Bangkok” in your heart when you see all the seafood right in front of your eyes. What you can see below are for all you can eat! No limit! As long as you can eat, you can have them all. Imagine having Maine lobsters; sipping chilled Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut Champagne; and enjoying lazy, precious time with your friends on the 55th floor with a magnificent panorama view of Bangkok…this is what I call epicurean life and what I regard as eating for enjoyment.

Here at this premium Champagne brunch, Alaska king crabs are as long as my arm. Very meaty, fresh with intense, original flavour of the crabs. I just couldn’t stop craving for it. However, I had to control my covet and spare my appetite to other food items.

What also pairs very well with the Champagne is oysters. At this Champagne brunch, four kinds of oysters, namely Murigen, Fine de Claires, Tsarakaya and St. Vaast, were served at the bar table. For oyster lovers, you will probably be delighted to see two Chefs opening fresh oysters at the bar table throughout the brunch. Among these four kinds of oysters, I love Tsarakaya the most. It was firm, crunchy, and very powerful on the palate. A perfect match with my Champagne!

All kinds of dipping sauce for the seafood were served in the shot glasses. No chaos!

How can a premium brunch be called premium without sushi and sashimi? At this brunch, you should never ever miss sashimi of lobsters, Japanese Kagoshima wagyu and sea urchin. Very very sadly, I had had so much other food that I did not have a chance to try even a piece of sashimi. This is another reason why I will return to this Champagne brunch and surrender myself to another food orgasm.

You may now feel surprised why I did not even have one piece of sashimi. The reason is simple. What I have introduced above is only one-third of the brunch. Other tempting dishes are served from the prepared-to-order menu and cute, little food trolleys that popped up beside my dining table from time to time throughout the brunch.

Prepared-to-order menu for all you can eat. This menu contained Chef’s signature dishes of finest ingredients. If you order all dishes in this menu, which I did, I am pretty sure you will be full. This is why going to this brunch once is not enough.
65 Celsius slow poached, served with toasted country bread, Maine lobster, confit tomato and aragula:
Egg menu is a must in any Sunday brunch. This poached egg dish was very delicious with intense aroma of lobster. The taste of the creamy sauce was rounded with chopped lobster and sweet-and-sour tomato. A very nice egg dish to start the brunch!

Scrambled eggs in their shell with winter black truffle:
It was an interesting dish with scrambled egg inside the egg shell. Black truffle enhanced the taste of this egg dish. Another nice dish to start the brunch.

Caramelized onion velouté with forest mushroom and smoked pancetta:
I love this soup so much! It was served hot with an impressive aroma of forest mushrooms. It was one of the very best mushroom soup I have ever had in Bangkok.

Oyster Rockefeller with spinach and white wine Hollandaise:
The oyster was not over-cooked. The inner juice and freshness of the oyster matched very well with the Hollandaise sauce. A very well balanced dish in term of taste!

Gratinated Maine lobster macaroni:
It was one of the dishes contributing to my food orgasm. Spooning every bite of macaroni with intense flavour of lobster and cheese was so satisfactory to my palate. Very generous portion of lobster was used in this small dish, ensuring lobster meat was in every single bite you eat!

Charcoal-grilled half Phuket lobster with fresh herbs and lemon butter:
The lobster itself was so fresh that simple seasoning of pepper and herbs could easily bring out the flavour of lobster. Eating it with lemon butter further enhanced its tastiness!
Butter roasted Dover sole “Meunière”:
I love this ‘surf’ dish. The Dover sole was roasted just right with crispy skin but still keeping the fish itself juicy. Every bite was full of buttery aroma which made this dish unforgettable! The Meunière sauce enhanced the taste of this dish through its hint of lemon flavour!

Scottish smoked salmon served on warm potato salad:
I like this dish which was simple but went very well with my Champagne. The smoked salmon was of premium quality so its full flavour complimented pieces of boiled potato. It could be a very nice starter!

Poached French Guinea hen, Basmati rice and Albufera sauce
The main ingredient of this dish, guinea hen, is imported from France. The meat was lean and tender. The Albufera sauce not only enhanced the flavour of guinea hen, it also served as good combo with the long, slender grains from India, enriching the taste of every grain. An interesting dish!

Charcoal-grilled Wagyu beef tenderloin with Béarnaise:
This dish melted my heart totally! Succulent and melt-in-the-mouth! Nothing can further explain how tasty it was!

Braised pork cheeks, pomme purée and morel jus:
This dish of braised pork cheeks melted in my mouth with intense flavour from the morel jus, which was balanced just right by the creamy pomme purée (mashed potato). A very palatable dish!

Pan seared duck foie gras with blood orange with Sicilian pistachios:
Pan-seared duck foie gras matched very well with the fresh, mildly soury orange, which gave a refreshing touch to the rich foie.

Australian lamb rack with périgourdine sauce:
This dish was simple but sophisticated in taste. The périgourdine sauce featured aroma of truffles, enhancing the tastiness of the already luscious lamb.

I have tried all dishes from the prepared-to-order menu. Now you know why I could not finish tasting each food item. There are just too many nice food to try! Turning to the food trolleys, they give diners sudden surprises. When you are indulging in the good food, then you suddenly see a food trolley beside you. It is just very hard to say no to them.

Trolley for mussels:
French mussels were cooked in rich stock with sliced tomatoes and other herbs! Delicious! A must-try!

Trolley for fish lovers
I don’t normally like grilled eel, but I have to admit that the grilled eel I had at this premium brunch was so succulent! The eel fillets were perfectly glazed with a sweetened soy-based sauce and grilled just right to keep the fillets juicy!

Trolley for premium cold cuts
It is hard to not accept at least one piece of this premium Bellota Reserva Iberico Ham! It is the finest ham in the world!

Trolley for roasted beef:
Like the charcoal-grilled wagyu beef tenderloin in the prepared-to-order menu, this piece of roasted beef matched well with red wine!

Trolley for cheese lovers:
No matter how full you are, this trolley is just irresistible. I enjoyed having some goat cheese with a glass of red wine! By this time, I was already very very full. However, I couldn’t stop until I tried the dessert!

For dessert lovers, this Champagne brunch is a heaven for you. Just one piece of little fruit cake, you will definitely realize why this brunch is named as ‘premium’. Each kind of fruit used in the dessert was of very high quality, which was full of original flavours.

After enjoying all the nice food, I would also recommend you to take a few minutes to enjoy the panorama view of Bangkok from Red Sky. Sipping red wine or Champagne while enjoying the view will definitely make you feel superb!

If you plan to dine with a group of 10 to 12 people at this brunch, they have a very nice private room, which is very suitable for gathering, or for those who would like some privacy. No extra charge is required, it is reserved on first come, first serve basis.

If you want to experience the same food orgasm I have had at this premium Champagne brunch at Red Sky, you should book your table early! As it is served only on the first Sunday of each month, sometimes getting a table is a challenge.

We highly recommend this premium Champagne brunch to you all.

To see more tempting photos of this premium Champagne brunch, please go to Premium Champagne brunch Gallery.

Red Sky’s Premium Champagne Brunch is served the first Sunday of each month
Time: 11.30am-3pm
Price: THB 3,955++ per person (inclusive of free-flow Perrier-Jouët champagne and selected wines)

Red Sky
Centara Grand Hotel at Central World
Address: 999/99 Rama 1 Rd., Pathumwan
Tel: +662 100 1234
Website: www.centarahotelsresorts.com/centaragrand/cgcw

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