Rio Brazilian Grill Restaurant, Asia Hotel, Bangkok

Rio Brazilian Grill is located on the 2/F of Asia Hotel in Ratchathewi, which is conveniently located right at the Ratchathewi BTS station.  Asia Hotel is often forgotten by many people as it is an old hotel with outdated decoration which reminds you of a hotel during the 80s. However, the most surprising thing about this hotel is the restaurants. Rio Brazilian Grill is one of the must-go restaurants inside Asia Hotel.

What makes this restaurant so attractive, let me list out the strengths of this restaurant:-

– Buffet lunch and dinner is available at a bargain:
Lunch buffet: Come 4 Pay 3
Dinner buffet: Come 5 Pay 4 (Go 6 Pay 5, Go 7 Pay 8, Go 10 Pay 8)
Price: 590 Baht/ person

– The buffet includes a salad bar, a selection of local fruits, noodles and Brazilian rice and some simple appetizer such as ham and soup.

– The Grilled meat includes a long list of all kinds of meat including chicken wings, lamb, steak, pork chop, ostrich, sauages, salmon, ribs and many more

– 6 kinds of sauces are provided for you to eat with the grilled meat! You can easily find the best sauce to match the meat!

– The grilled pineapple leaves the most unforgettable taste in your mouth. Choosing the juiciest Sriracha pineapples to grill to end the meat buffet with perfection!

– The dessert is made to order and may change from time to time, my last visit to Rio was surprised by fried banana with ice-cream.

– The Grilled meat is served one kind to another at your table. All you need to do is just sit and enjoy!

The overall impression of the buffet is very good! The grilled lamb, steak, chicken wings and pork is juicy and will absolutely lure you for craving more! The grilled pineapple is also impressive. Your mouth waters after the first piece and you will surely order some more extra!

Although the decoration of the restaurant is not trendy but it is so homey and cosy that Rio Grill serves as a perfect place for gathering with your loved friends.

Rio Grill Brazilian Restaurant
Address: 2/F, Asia Hotel, 296 Phayathai Road Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand
Reservation: 02-217-0808 ext 5357
Opening Hours: 11:30 am to 14: 30pm (lunch); 18:00pm – 22:30pm (dinner)