Romantic buffet dinner at Medinii, The Continent Hotel

For many Bangkokians, when they hear “Asok intersection”, they may frown as it is constantly congested with endless vehicles. Now, imagine a bird’s eye view of Asok intersection, how will you feel? Honestly, it is a totally different feeling, especially when you are watching this busy area from a romantic high-rise restaurant. Located on the 35th floor of The Continent Hotel, Medinii offers a spectacular view of the busiest Asok area. The best chance to feel the beautiful vibe of Asok is to enjoy Medinii’s buffet dinner and start the buffet early at 18:00 hours, the perfect time to see the red sun subsiding too. To fully indulge in the beauty of

To fully indulge in the beauty of sunset and busy vibe of Asok, order your favourite drinks first – free flow of wine, beer, cocktails and soft drinks is offered at this buffet dinner. We are sure at the very moment you sit at your dining table with a glass of chilled wine in hand, you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the high-rise view as well as the romantic ambience of the restaurant. All of a sudden, Asok intersection looks more lovely, radiating an unusual charm of Bangkok.

Shortly after my glass of wine was served, a warm bread basket was brought to my table together with a buffet menu and a list of cocktail. At this buffet dinner, diners are entitled to order all-you-can-eat pizzas and pasta; one dish of main course and a dessert of your choice; and of course, the free flow of alcohol and soft drinks. Let you guess how much it is… It’s only THB 999++/head. One of the best deals in town I would say.


Choices of pizzas and pasta:

As you can see from the menus above, there are more than enough choices of pizza and pasta. For pasta, we tried Aglio E Olio. We loved it. This pasta had an obvious Asian twist using the strong aroma of garlic and spices as appetite stimulus. The pasta itself was al dente, and flavourful. Not bad!
As for the pizza, we ordered a pizza of Hawaii and Siciliana.

For main course, we recommend you to try their new signature dishes – Fish Glue Seared Salmon & Seabass with Tomato Salsa Sauce and White wine and Chicken & Duck steak served with fried vegetables and red wine sauce, created by their Executive Chef Satjar.

These creations are quite a gimmick! We are quite impressed with the chicken & duck steak as we could imagine how difficult it is to handle two different kinds of meat into one single piece, as their cooking temperature and time are so different. We think Chef Satjar made this dish fairly exceptional, and would be nice for adventurous foodies. The sauce of this dish was amazingly tasty. According to Chef Satjar, the sauce had to be made at least a day in advance! The glue fish of salmon and sea bass was impressive. Two kinds of fish was so perfectly glued together. It tasted smooth and lovely as the fish was not overcooked. Between the two new dishes, we love the glue fish more.

Despite their new signature dishes, we also tried a medium-rare Australian Angus beef rib-eye. We were happy that the steak came as medium-rare. The best thing about this steak is the Bearnaise sauce, which added a layer of mouthwatering flavour to the dish.

Never ever leave Medinii without trying their dessert! The best way to enjoy this buffet is to bring at least 2 more friends with you, then you will have the chance to taste different dishes! For dessert, I only wish Chef Satjar would  consider to make it all-you-can-eat like the pasta.
This buffet dinner is available 7 days a week, from 18:00 to 22:00 hours. To us, it is a fantastic buffet, most suitable for Friday and Saturday after long hours of work! If you would like to secure the best table by the window, book your seats early in advance!

We highly recommend this buffet dinner to you all.

The Continent Hotel
Address: 413 Sukhumvit Road (Near Asoke BTS & Sukhumvit MRT Interchange Stations) Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Telephone: +662 686 7000

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