Sunday Brunch at Cafe @ 2, Conrad Hotel Bangkok

Cafe@2 of Conrad Hotel Bangkok, which is conveniently located on Wireless Road, is one of my favourite places for relaxing quality Sunday brunch. Sunday’s Wireless Road always gives me a sense of tranquility. Whenever I want to dine lazily, restaurants on Wireless Road always pop up in my mind. After working so hard throughout the week, I decided to pick Cafe@2 for a relaxing quality brunch.

Stepping into the Cafe@2, I was immediately attracted to the wide variety of seafood right in front of my eyes. If you are a seafood lover, you will definitely find this brunch very delightful.

What I highly recommend is their oysters! No words could really describe how tasty they were. Just eating one piece of oyster, then you will instantly understand how the French poet, Léon-Paul Fargue, feels about eating quality oysters – it is “like kissing the sea on the lips.”

On the way back to your table, make sure you also grab a glass of vodka! Vodka and oyster completed my perfect Sunday with utmost gourmet enjoyment.

Apart from seafood, I also enjoyed their delicate Japanese sushi and sashimi. Eating sashimi with my DIY vodka was another satisfaction I had at this brunch!

Turning to their hot dishes, you will not be disappointed. There were selection for Chinese, European and Indian specialties. Dim sum, Peking duck, roasted beef, grilled ham, hot noodles, Indian curry…you name it! I especially like the cuisines in the picture below!

Pan-seared foie gras was served by the server to each diner at the brunch. Another dish that you should not miss.

A Sunday brunch without cheese will never be perfect. Here at Cafe@2, a good selection of cheese was served with dry fruit, biscuits and bread.

Premium cold cuts were also served. Parma ham lovers, you will love this counter!

Never ever miss their dessert. Both Thai and western desserts were temptingly arrayed to make your mouth water! The amazing chocolate fountain will delight you with a big smile!

Finally, I ended my perfect brunch with their fine selection of local fruits! I really love their mango and sticky rice! It was just so yummy!

You may think it is another expensive brunch. Well, not really. In fact, you can enjoy quality food at a reasonable price of THB 1,750 per person, or THB 2,250 per person with free-flow house wines.

This Sunday brunch is highly recommended to all of you!

Conrad Hotel Bangkok
Address: Conrad Bangkok 87 Wireless Rd.
Telephone:+662 690 9999

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