Sunday brunch at Colonnade, The Sukhothai Bangkok

To crown a Sunday brunch as legendary in Bangkok, Gourmet Bangkok will recommend the Sunday brunch at Colonnade at The Sukhothai Bangkok. Not because it is particularly extraordinary, but because it is long noted for consistently upholding top quality in service and food for more than decades. Colonnade is immune from being eroded by time, changes of personnel and competitive brunch scene in Bangkok. It remains, in many locals’ hearts, the best choice for family gatherings on Sundays.

Why do we like the Sunday brunch at Colonnade, The Sukhothai Bangkok?

What we like in this Sunday brunch?

(1) Seafood
As an oyster lover, I was impressed to see a dedicated chef shucking oysters from the beginning of the brunch until the end. Seafood on ice was fresh with a wide variety of choices! If you prefer grilled seafood, you will find their live seafood cooking station very tempting.

(2) Hot dishes
Pan-seared Foie Gras of hearty serving is ordered to make for diners at the live cooking station. Hot dishes including grilled pork ribs, lamb ribs, and beef ribs as well as seafood Thermidor, grilled fish and lobster bisque are generously served!

(3) Japanese counter
If you are a regular of Colonnade’s Sunday brunch, you should have known the premium quality of sushi and sashimi.

(4) Thai delicacies from Celadon
Celadon’s famous Thai appetizers and traditional Isaan cuisine (Northeastern Thai food) are served in this brunch to satisfy diners’ craving for authentic Thai cuisine.

(5) Cheese and cold cuts selection
This is the most favourite counter of mine! Premium choices of cold cuts, exotic choices of cheese including cow and goat cheese of various kinds are best to be paired with champagne or wine on a lazy Sunday!

(6) Dessert counter
Dessert was freshly made by their dedicated chef. Want some Churros? Or Sukhothai’s famous artisan chocolate? What about some traditional Thai dessert? We are sure you can end your brunch perfectly!

What you must try in this brunch?

(1) Lobster bisque
The lobster bisque counter was our recommended counter! Chunks of lobster meat in thick soup full of lobster flavour and aroma. In this legendary Sunday brunch, lobster bisque is prepared fresh right in front of you! Sometimes the Executive Chef of The Sukhothai Bangkok, Mr. Thitsorn Amatasin, humbly prepares the lobster bisque for diners! Delicious, aromatic soup with chunks of lobster meats! Simply can’t say no!

(2) Cheese raclette
Cheese raclette is a big hit in the US. I am pretty sure you should have come across some videos on instagram showing you tempting cheese raclette. Now there is no need to fly overseas to enjoy this devilish temptation, you can enjoy it at Colonnade as much as you can!

(3) Warm Venezuela Chocolate, Frozen Espelette Pepper Cream
This is uniquely designed for Colonnade’s Sunday brunch diners to enjoy! The frozen espelette pepper cream was spiced up with slight spiciness which was outstandingly blended with warm Venezuela chocolate. The best dessert to end you brunch. As for me, I had two! My second order was obviously my craving! Watch our video to see how it’s prepared!

Watch what we like most in this brunch!

Gourmet Bangkok's recommendations:

We highly recommend the Sunday brunch at Colonnade, The Sukhothai Bangkok to you all!

The Sukhothai Bangkok
Address: 13/3 South Sathorn Road, Bangkok 10120, Thailand
Phone: +662 344 8888

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