Sunday Brunch at Crowne Plaza Lumpini Hotel

Buffet served at Panorama of Crowne Plaza Lumpini Hotel is actually of very good quality. Despite their famous Brazilian BBQ buffet lunch and dinner, I am surprised by their Sunday Brunch as well.  I have had quite a lot of buffet at Panorama. The main reasons are the elegant comfortable decoration, the magnificent view from the hotel and the quality of food. Located on the 23rd floor of the building allows you to enjoy a spectacular view of Lumpini and Rama 4 area, making your dining experience suddenly an elegant one. So, what can you find at their Sunday Brunch? Let me show you the food:-

As an oyster lover, I am satisfied with the freshness of the oysters. Oysters were refilled quite quickly as a chef stood at the counter all the time to open new oysters for diners. Besides the oysters, there is a salad bar with 4 kinds of drinks available for diners. Fois gras is served at the Sunday Brunch as well, making the brunch experience a very satisfactory one.

In the middle of the dining area are 5 live cooking islands – noodles and spaghetti, Thai food, Brazilian BBQ, Chinese food and grilled seafood & meat. All the dishes at the live cooking islands are cooked by the chefs, ensuring every dish is cooked at the best taste for the diners.

The desserts counter was amazing, there are many different kinds of desserts plus a live cooking counter of French crepes. The desserts are not too sweet to kill your appetite, they are just making you crave for more and more.

I highly recommend Panorama for you all. If you want to try their Sunday Brunch, I recommend you to book your table in advance. It has been full for the last 2 times when I went there for Sunday Brunch!

Crowne Plaza Lumpini Hotel
952 Rama 4 Road, Bangrak, Bangkok
Tel: 02-629-6900
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