Sunday Brunch, Next 2, Shangri-la Hotel

Sunday brunch is getting more and more popular for family gathering in Bangkok. Quality Sunday brunch offered in many 5-star hotels normally costs more than 2,000 baht. With free flow of wine or cocktails, the price per head will shoot up to more than 3,000 baht. However, Next 2 of Shangri-la Hotel offers their Sunday brunch at a very attractive price – 1,850 baht net with free flow of selected beverages including cocktails, wines, soft drinks and beer. Not a good drinker? No problem, at 1,550 baht net, you can enjoy the Sunday brunch at Next 2 for all their premium food!

Next 2 is located by the Chaopraya River, with indoor and outdoor dining area to satisfy diners’ requirement on their dining ambience and preference. A clown and a children corner give surprises and entertainment for the diners and their children. That is one of the reasons why Sunday Brunch at Next 2 is popular for family gathering in Bangkok.

The varieties of food provided at Next 2 can absolutely satisfy your appetite on a lazy Sunday. There are Chinese, Indian and Thai cuisine counters. Seafood lovers will find the seafood on ice counter, a Japanese sashimi counter and a grilled seafood counter. For meat lovers, you shouldn’t miss their live cooking counter for steak, pork chop and foie gras. Besides, there is a cold cuts counter with pieces of various kinds of cheese arrayed beside. The most impressive counter is their dessert counter. There are amazing varieties of desserts, which will surely make you eat them with lots of smiles and satisfaction.

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Desserts that you should not miss:

brunch-shangrila-16r brunch-shangrila-15r  brunch-shangrila-12r brunch-shangrila-11r brunch-shangrila-10r

Their dessert corner is very colourful and attractive, which can satisfy the sweet tooth of their diners. The chocolate fountain is also very popular among children. It gives fun for the children to create their own chocolate fruit pops. Another popular dessert is their cupcakes, especially the Angry Bird Cupcakes, which have become a must-have dessert on every dining table.

The cold cuts provided at Next 2 are of very premium quality as well. It can be told especially by their parma ham, which is not salty at all to kill your appetite for other food.

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Meat lovers will not feel disappointed by their steak. You may think at such a reasonable price for a Sunday brunch, the quality of steak offered will not be of premium standard. Here, at Next 2, however, the steak and lamb are delicately prepared to keep its original juicy and tender texture.

brunch-shangrila-8r brunch-shangrila-1r

Foie gras, another dish that diners look for at any Sunday brunch. Here, at Next 2, pan-fried foie gras is ordered to make. Hot and aromatic! However, it is too oily. The grease is all over the foie gras and the plate. I would prefer a drier bite of foie gras.

Another thing that Sunday brunch lovers may look for is oysters. Fresh oysters are not provided at the Sunday brunch of Next 2. However, at such a reasonable price for the wide varieties and premium quality of the food, having no oysters is not at all a big deal!

Next 2 Cafe
Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok
Bt1,550 net or Bt1,850 net with free-flowing selected beverages,
Martini cocktails, wines, soft drinks and beer.
For more information or reservations, contact +66 (0) 2206 8677-8 or visit

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