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In Japan, Okura is a very well known high-end hotel chain for their quality management, hospitality service and outstanding food and beverages. When Okura announced their first hotel in Bangkok, we were all very excited and looked forward to the restaurants that Okura would bring to the diners in Bangkok. Okura Prestige Bangkok was opened on 14 May 2012 in the heart of the city and directly connected to the Ploenchit BTS station. The hotel rooms occupy the top part of the newly constructed Park Ventures Ecoplex, a 34-floor building noted for its eco-friendly construction. The hotel entrance is on Wireless Road, which is only 100 metres from the intersection of Pleonchit, Sukhumvit Road.  There are 3 fine restaurants at Okura Prestige Bangkok – Up & Above, Elements and Yamazato. We visited Up and Above Restaurant & Bar, located on the 24th floor, for the Sunday Brunch. The decor of the restaurant is very relaxing with right temperature of the air conditioning. The restaurant boasts the panoramic views of Bangkok skyline.

The Sunday brunch of Up & Above has been receiving a lot of applauds and appreciation. There are already many returning diners for their Sunday Brunch.There are 2 prices diners – one includes free flow of soft drinks (2,100++ baht); one includes alcohol (2,800++ baht). Despite the drinks included in the price, there is a counter of herbal drinks available for diners in the buffet.

Talking about their food, Okura brings in unique Japanese characteristics to the international Sunday brunch, offering a totally different kind of brunch experience to diners. The most impressive part of the buffet is the fresh razor clams, which are not available in any other Sunday brunch in Bangkok! 10 thumbs-up!

The oysters and razor clams were fresh. How fresh they were? They were consumed with drops of fresh lemon juice, the sweet-sourish juice perfectly brought out the fresh-from-the-sea taste of the oysters and clams. With other kinds of seafood such as slipper lobsters and prawns arrayed in front of your eyes, the long table of seafood counter is what diners should not miss in this buffet.

Besides, there was a chef always standing at the seafood counter, opening more and more oysters and clams. It was exactly what diners love to see as that ensured generous supply of the quality seafood. To emphasize one more time, don’t miss the razor clams, which are palatable and luscious.

Despite the seafood counter, you should try every main dish in the menu. Each diner at the buffet can order one dish of lobster and unlimited foie gras and steak. Each main course is ordered to make, so it is always served with the way you want it to be cooked.

The steak was served with white asparagus and mashed potato. One word to describe this dish – scrumptious!

Foie gras was pan-seared and served with strawberry chutney. The sweet and sour flavour of the chutney blended very well with the foie gras.

Another main dish that should not miss is their baked lobsters with cheese and pasta in tomato sauce. This dish can make you full if you have small appetite. The tomato sauce balanced the strong flavoured cheesy lobsters. It is highly recommended not to eat too much or making yourself too full before getting into your main dishes.

The portions of the foie gras and the steak were just right, but the cheesy lobster could be quite a big dish for some people, which may make you too full to enjoy desserts after your meal.

I also recommended their lamb chop, which is juicy, tender and really really delicious. However, unlike some of the hotels where lamb chops are ordered to grill or pan-fry for diners, the charcoal-grilled lamb rack was prepared in advance at Up & Above. It may not be served hot with mouthwatering aroma of the grilled lamb, but if you arrive at the restaurant early, you can choose to have the lamb rack early. This ensures you grab the best quality park of the lamb rack.

Other varieties of food available at the Sunday Brunch that you should not miss include the desserts, deli-style chocolate (especially the dark chocolate), sashimi (they used to serve toro and I heard sometimes toro is available, sometimes isn’t), premier bread with an attractive platter of cheese, on which quality goat cheese is also available for diners. Premium cold cuts with parma ham and salami to match your wine.

Up & Above Restaurant & Bar
The Okura Prestige Bangkok

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