Surf and Turf Buffet Dinner at Marriott Executive Apartments Sathorn Vista

Soi Suan Plu is a goldmine. When you dig deeper and deeper, you will discover more and more interesting restaurants and food stalls. To many expats, it is not merely a goldmine, it is a heaven for experiencing local food and lifestyle at a very very affordable price. Soi Suan Plu, with this special character, is attracting some hotel chains to land their flags with really attractive eateries. One of them is MoMo Cafe brought by Marriott Executive Apartments Sathorn Vista.

MoMo Cafe is located approximately 50 meters from the mouth of Soi Suan Plu on your left. As the first restaurant at the beginning of the competitive alley, the marketing position of MoMo Cafe has been strategically planned to fit into the locality. We have recently tried the  Surf and Turf buffet dinner there, and delighted to have enjoyed the buffet and witnessed a successful incorporation of a new eatery into this unique area. Literally, it means nice food at very affordable price.
This surf and turf buffet dinner is very straightforward. Food counters for ‘surf’ and ‘turf’ are the most eye-catching. If you are a beef lover, this buffet will melt your heart away. Why? Would you ever imagine that you can enjoy unlimited succulent wagyu steak at THB 699++ (about THB 823) per head?
Roasted Wagyu with Pepper Spice: medium-rare wagyu beef melted in my mouth with aroma of pepper and other spice.

What about other ‘turf’ in this buffet dinner? Despite irresistible wagyu steak, we also found satisfactory choices of meat including roasted lamb cutlet, Hawaiian pork chop, and seared Tasmanian Salmon. You may feel excited when you see the hearty pieces of lamb cutlets and pork chop.

Side dishes such as sauteed mushroom as well as roasted thyme and garlic potatoes were served to further fulfill diners’ appetite.

Turning to the ‘surf’, it is not disappointing at all. For seafood lovers, we are very certain that you will be able to enjoy a feast of fresh seafood with decent choices. What if we say you can enjoy unlimited oysters, slipper lobsters, mussels, and crab, etc? We are quite sure that you will pay THB 699++ out of your pocket willingly!

The Chef of MoMo Cafe is very generous. We were having big chunks of crabs and slipper lobsters. The oysters were fresh and obviously very tempting for slurping. Although local oysters were served, we were able to chew each oyster to get its flavour.

To elevate your buffet experience, order a glass of wine to pair with your wagyu steak and seafood. Here at MoMo Cafe, you can order any drinks any time at an extra cost, very reasonable cost of course. Eat for enjoyment, why not?

To complete our dining experience, we also enjoyed some dessert and cheese. Wine, wagyu steak, oysters and cheese, was I in heaven?

This surf and turf buffet dinner is available from Thursday to Saturday. At THB 699++, we really have nothing to complain at all. At this cost, I cannot even buy a piece wagyu steak to cook at home. In additional to the wide choices of meat and seafood, here at MoMo Cafe, you can also enjoy friendly, professional service. It is undoubtedly a perfect place for family gathering.

We recommend the Surf and Turf buffet dinner at MoMo Cafe to you all.

Surf & Turf for only THB 699++ per person
Available every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night from 18.00 – 22.00 hours

MoMo Café
Marriott Executive Apartments Sathorn Vista
Address: 1 Sathorn Soi 3, Sathorn, S Sathorn Rd, Thung Maha Mek, Bangkok 10120
Phone:+66 2 343 6789

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