Zuma Baikingu Sunday Brunch, Zuma, St. Regis, Rajadamri, Bangkok

St. Regis, a renowned 6-star hotel brand, has disappointed quite a lot of gourmet diners in Bangkok because of the food and restaurant management. Just myself, I experienced the finish of oysters supply in a free flow oyster buffet at Viu, and also disappointing spaghetti at Jo Jo. I even told myself not to go there again.

Invited by a friend to this Baikingu Sunday Brunch at Zuma, I decided to give it a try. I went there with rather low expectation, but this brunch experience turned out to be impressive. I believe Baikingu Sunday Brunch has elevated rating of Wine & Dine experience at St. Regis in Bangkok to a great extent. At least I will happily go for this Sunday Brunch again.

Zuma is the Japanese restaurant at St. Regis. The decoration is modern Japanese style, giving diners an elegant dining experience. Outside Zuma, there is an outdoor smoking area. I especially like the restaurant bar. Usually we see a restaurant bar full of bottles of wine, whisky and beer. Here you are able to see many different kinds of Japanese soju and other liquor. However, you shoudn’t think they ignore the hip wine trend in Bangkok. In Zuma, there is a big cool wine vault providing an extensive choices of wine from very reasonable price of THB 600++ to very dear price of over 10,000++ to satisfy different needs of their diners.

The Sunday Brunch itself was not bad at all. Japanese cuisine is of course featured in this brunch. All counters are designed with an open kitchen with live cooking. You can find fresh oysters, tuna tataki with marinated red onions, chilli ponzu, housemade tofu with barley miso, and chilled cold soba noodles as well as some hot appetizers by charcoal Robata grill near the entrance of Zuma. There is an open sushi counter with a few selection of sashimi, various kinds of sushi maki rolls. The sashimi and sushi rolls are fresh and nice but not of 6-star-hotel quality, which I feel Ok with the quality when you know it’s just THB 1,280 ++ per head.

There are 3 choices of main courses – rib-eye steak with sautéed mushrooms and wafu sauce, Salmon teriyaki fillet with pickled cucumber, and and lamb cutlets with hot pepper spices are made fresh from the open kitchen and served straight to the table. Do not think you can order all main courses, each diner can choose one main course.

The most gimmick part of the brunch is desserts – Zuma’s signature dessert platter. When stepping into Zuma, you will not see any desserts counter, you may wonder why? A Japanese-styled bucket with fruits and a few pieces of cakes and desserts are put on top of the ice. The way they serve desserts surprises you and it completes your brunch experience satisfactorily. The dessert bucket aims to allow diners to share every piece of desserts. You will never feel too full to scoop a few bites of the desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. The gimmick way of serving desserts also lures those who do not really like desserts to crave for some!

Another surprise for this brunch is the offer of bottles of wine and champagne. If you can drink a lot, you can choose the option of brunch with free flow of champagne and wine. That’s THB 2,300++. If you want just some bubbling alcohol, you can order a bottle of Zonin Prosecco at a special price of THB 600++. This offer makes Sunday celebration for whatever events much easier at Zuma.

This is another good Sunday brunch choice in Bangkok. We recommend this Sunday brunch offered at Zuma to all of you!

Zuma, Contemporary Japanese Cuisine
St. Regis Bangkok
For reservations, please contact Tel: +66 2252 4707
E-mail: reservations@zumarestaurant.co.th
Dining Time: 11am – 3pm
Price: THB 1,280 ++ / THB 2,300 ++ with champagne & wines
Connected to Ratchadamri BTS station
Website: http://www.zumarestaurant.com/zuma-landing/bangkok/en/welcome

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Update on 16 December 2012: Price per head 2,200 baht ++ with wine and soft drinks