Gourmet Bangkok Team believe that a chef is the heart and soul of a restaurant. Without his devotion and enthusiasm in his cuisine, foodies like us will not be able to enjoy good food and drinks. Let Gourmet Bangkok take you to meet the talented chefs in Bangkok!

Heart & Soul of an Eatery

Latest Interviews with Talented Chefs

Why does Gourmet Bangkok interview chefs?

Show Gratitude

To thank the chefs for their creations of delish cuisines.

Promote Talents

To promote and introduce talented chefs.

Showcase New Dishes

To experience new dishes and culinary skills of the chefs.

How to arrange an interview of your chef with us?

Email Gourmet Bangkok

Feel free to email anytime to arrange an interview with your chef. The topic for the interview is mainly about the concept of the restaurant, creations of new dishes, or the chef’s signature dishes.

Email us at

Video Interviews

We will videotape the interview and upload the video to our YouTube channels. An article on the interview will also be posted.

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