Anan Pakawirutikul – Executive Chef, Marriott Executive Apartments, Mayfair and Sathorn Vista

momo-chef-croppedWhat makes an eatery unforgettable? Hmm….delicious food? Enticing plating? Impressive ambience? What about the Chef, who works behind the scene to bring palatable dishes with appealing plating?

If you have followed our recommendation and experienced the Surf and Turf Buffet Dinner at MoMo Cafe at Marriott Executive Apartments and experienced, you may wish to ask, “Who makes the succulent Wagyu steak?” It is the Executive Chef Anan Pakawirutikul.

Talking to Chef Anan, you will immediately feel his vibe of culinary passion. Accumulated with more than 20 years of experience, Chef Anan aims to bring diners complete satisfaction in his cuisine. As demonstrated in the Surf and Turf Buffet Dinner at MoMo Cafe at Marriott Executive Apartment Sathorn Vista, Chef Anan has delicately chosen the best beef and sourced the freshest harvest from the sea for his diners. As the Executive Chef there, thinking on where to source, what to cook, how to cook the food to its best and how to present each dish is his daily routine. Turning this routine to the pleasure of diners requires not only Chef Anan’s excellence in cuisine, but also his devotion to his career. Imagine, without his effort, would we have a chance to enjoy Wagyu steak in the Surf and Turf Buffet Dinner? Chef Anan is spoiling food lovers in town.

Besides the Surf and Turf Buffet Dinner that has been featured in Gourmet Bangkok, Chef Anan also designs various kinds of buffet for MoMo Cafe at Marriott Executive Apartment Sathorn Vista. All are tailor-made to position MoMo Cafe perfectly in the renowned food heaven, Soi Suan Plu. If you are a Thai noodles lover, you may find his ‘Street Noodle Buffet’ very interesting.

Chef Anan is not only the Executive Chef at Marriott Executive Apartment Sathorn Vista, he also holds the same position at Marriott Executive Apartment Mayfair in Lang Suan. Although he is holding dual responsibility in two serviced apartments, he enjoys his life as a Chef. To him, the best reward is not merely earning a title as an Executive Chef, it is the smile and satisfaction that each of his diners has when enjoying his meals, which are delicately designed with his enthusiasm.

Haven’t tried Chef Anan’s culinary skills yet, you may wish to read our review on his Surf and Turf Dinner at MoMo Cafe at Marriott Executive Apartment Sathorn Vista. Follow this link:

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