David Tamburini, Chef de Cuisine at La Scala, The Sukhothai Bangkok

Who’s the new Chef de Cuisine at La Scala at The Sukhothai Bangkok? Whoever is selected as the Chef, we are certain about two things. One, it’s a big task for the chef to maintain, or even to perfect, the already-very-high standard of La Scala. Two, the chef who is hired must be someone talented. Who is it? It’s Chef David Tamburini.

His profession as a chef started in Italy in 2002. Prior to joining The Sukhothai Bangkok, Chef David has been awarded twice with one Michelin star when he was the Executive Chef at Ristorante la Gazza Ladra di Palazzo Faillo Hotel (2013-2015) and at Ristorante Casa Grugno (2011-2013) in Sicilia, Italy. His increasing interest in Asia led him first to Hong Kong where he was hired as the Executive Chef at the renowned Giando Italian Restaurant and Bar in 2015.

David Tumburini La Scala
Photo Credit: The Sukhothai Bangkok

We met and interviewed Chef David Tamburini when he had just joined The Sukhothai Bangkok for three weeks. What impressed us was that his special menu containing seven signature dishes of his was made ready to be served at La Scala. These signature dishes are Chef David’s unique creations, expressing his philosophy on Italian cuisine and culinary creativity. Watch the video find out how he prepares his three signature dishes that impressed us most.

Which Signature Dishes Have We Tried?

(1) Sliced Beef Tongue, Marinated Cauliflowers and Green Sauce
The cauliflowers were marinated with vinegar, its intense sour taste perfectly balanced the sliced beef tongue. If you are 80 and is worried that you may not be able to enjoy this dish, leave this worry behind! The beef tongue was sliced thinly and was cooked to its perfection. It just melted in my mouth without leaving any trace of the beef tongue’s tissue. Chef David’s culinary skills are confirmed!
LA Scala The Sukhothai Bangkok

(2) Mortadella filled Ravioli in Champagne Foam
This dish looked very simple when it’s served to us but it tasted amazingly delicious. The ravioli was not starchy. Flavour of mortadella filling enhanced the ravioli as a whole. Eating it with the champagne foam intensified pleasing aroma in my nostrils. A dish that expresses Chef’s David’s philosophy of simplicity in his cuisine.
LA Scala The Sukhothai Bangkok

(3) Pan Fried Monkfish and Backed Scarola Salad
The clever use of chopped black olive gave an additional pleasing flavour to the monkfish. As explained by Chef David in the video, it’s really out of my imagination that the chopped black olive, not even a main ingredient of the dish, took quite some time and procedures to prepare!
LA Scala The Sukhothai Bangkok

(4) Caramel Bavaroise, Apple and Calvados Dressing
This dessert looked so much like a piece of raw foie gras. However, the caramel bavoroise tasted so creamy. With the sweetness mainly came from the red apple and calvodos dressing, this dessert was not too sweet. It perfectly ended my lunch with high satisfaction.
LA Scala The Sukhothai Bangkok

To experience Chef David’s culinary skills, you now know where you should go!

La Scala
The Sukhothai Bangkok
Address: The Sukhothai Bangkok   13/3 South Sathorn Road, Bangkok 10120, Thailand
Tel: +662 344 8888

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