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Master Chef Mahesh Thapa of The Great Kabab Factory Thailand

After trying The Great Kabab Factory Thailand, I am really impressed by their Master Chef Mahesh Thapa. His motto of and passion for bringing the authentic taste of Indian cuisine to the guests of The Great Kabab Factory Thailand has translated into success of the restaurant and eager attention of foodies in town. Recently, Master Chef Mahesh has crafted a new a la carte menu. All the dishes I tried have effortlessly changed my perception about Indian cuisine. The presentation of the dishes also put me in awe, melting my heart to truly fall for Indian cuisine for the very first time. The Great Kabab Factory Thailand wins my recognition for its excellence in serving authentic, awe-inspiring Indian cuisine in Bangkok.

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Background and Belief of Master Chef Mahesh:

Like many other talented chefs, Chef Mahesh determined to become a chef at childhood when his father showed him the first time how chefs cook in a kitchen of a hotel. To realise his goals, he completed a three-year diploma course in food production at Pusa Institute in New Delhi, paving his way to becoming a successful chef. Prior to joining The Great Kabab Factory Thailand, Chef Mahesh was the head chef at India Today Bar & Restaurant. His fame for bringing the ‘taste of home in India’ was built since then. Using the recipes that pass through generations, Chef Mahesh ably demonstrates his passion for Indian cuisine, turning it into the ‘soul food’ to all his guests.

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His signature dish:

Char Mirch Ka Salmon Tikka: Salmon chunks marinated in 4 chillies – schezwan, black, pink and green peppercorns

This dish is worth all your attention from the very moment it is served to your dining table until all the smoke vanishes. Taking pictures of it may not be enough! A video of it will definitely leave you a good memory of the dish! At a glance, you may mistake this dish as a chicken dish. In fact, those are hearty pieces of very well marinated salmon. Unforgettably delicious!

The dish that impresses me most:

Galouti Kabab: Melt-in-mouth minced lamb kabab, served with special saffron bread

This dish blew my mind away! Lamb is not easy to handle, but its texture is so reminiscent of foie gras! When eating with the saffron bread, it tastes just like smooth, lamb-flavoured creamy butter. I am pretty sure a lot of hard work has to be put into the preparation process. This dish fully demonstrates Master Chef Mahesh‘s culinary skills and expertise in his cuisine.

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