Executive Chef Mehmet Semet

Meet with Executive Chef Mehmet Semet at Invite Bangkok.

Executive Chef Mehmet Semet Invite Bangkok

Work Experience

Mehmet Semet’s aspiration to be a chef was inspired by his family’s passion for food and cooking. He usually went on fishing trips with his dad and his mom taught him how to make homemade jam and marmalades at a very young age. That’s where he fell in love with food.

After finishing culinary school, he went to work in Norway where he learnt modern Nordic culinary techniques and the use of natural ingredients in cooking. Then, Chef Memeh moved to New York to work at Michelin-starred Annisa where he had unforgettable experiences working in a demanding environment. With his growing interest in discovering more about French-Asian fusion food, he joined Bagatelle, another Michelin-starred restaurant in Oslo, for a year.

Chef Mehmet at Invite Bangkok

He moved to Bangkok, Thailand totally out of his curiosity to explore new cuisines and cultures of Asia and his thirst for recognition and success in his career.

“Here at INVITE I want to use my experiences from Norway over the past years to create innovative, delicious dishes by using local and homemade ingredients and his modern Nordic cooking techniques,” says Semet. “We want to bring our guests a unique experience of Asian-Western dishes prepared with care and love and make it truly memorable.”

Executive Chef Mehmet Semet Invite Bangkok

Interview with Chef Mehmet Semet

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