Mr. Mirco Keller, Water Library Chamchuri

To say that Mr. Mirco Keller is a German culinary talent is not exaggerating. I was delightful to have met him for the first time at Water Library Chamchuri, where he proficiently demonstrated his artistic creative culinary skills when preparing the dessert for me.

Brought to my dining table was the ingredients for my dessert. While Mirco was chatting with me and creating the dessert for me, he had no single second of hesitation on how to put the ingredients together, or what should be used next. Look at the dessert, it looks even more beautiful than a painting. What a gourmet artist.




Mirco’s outstanding culinary skills have made every dish an unforgettable dish for diners. I am especially impressed on how he handles local chicken from Thailand so well. He explained the importance to keep the original flavours of the ingredients in each dish by proper cooking temperature and methods. Creativity is also shown in the unique sauce he uses to go with the ingredients.

Thank you for adding wonderful dining dimension to the gourmet world of Bangkok!

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