Mr. Joan Tanya Dot, Chef De Cuisine of UNO MAS at Centara Grand at Central World

No one does not know UNO MAS these days. UNO MAS, with its diligence in branding it as the best Spanish and Mediterranean restaurant, has undoubtedly caught a lot of attention in town. When people think of Saturday brunch, Sunday brunch or even rooftop happy hours, UNO MAS is surely one of the places that people think of. What makes UNO MAS so successful? Despite its capable marketing team, the quality of the cuisine at UNO MAS contributes a lot to its roaring fame. Who is the master of the cuisine there? It’s Mr. Joan Tanya Dot.

Chef joan uno mas

Joan Tanya Dot is a Catalonia-born Spanish and he has more than 15 years of experience in kitchen operation. His passion for Spanish cuisine has been nurtured since he was very young. To pursue his career in fine dining, he attended Escola Bell Art in Barcelona, Spain and obtained certification of Master Chef. Afterwards, he further equipped himself as a Mediterranean cuisine specialist at the world famous Escola Hofmann Michelin Star Restaurant School. After graduation, he put his knowledge into therealisationn of his dream and started to work first for Wine Down, cayman Islands, Hotel Ayre Rossellon in Barcelona, Spain; and later on for La Dehesa restaurant in London, England. Prior to being appointed as Chef De Cuisine at UNO MAS, he was the Spanish Chef & Manager / Executive Sous Chef at Grand Millennium Sukhumvit, in Bangkok, Thailand.

At Uno Mas, he has curated an impressively expansive and diverse menu of tapas and main dishes made with select, premium imported ingredients with which he has authentically recreated the rich culinary heritage of his homeland. As he tells it, “We want to make our guests feel as though they are in a small part of Spain, but right here in Thailand.” Very very true. Here at UNO MAS, Chef Joan devotes to authentic Spanish cuisine. We highly recommend you to try the fabulous monthly Sunday brunch at UNO MAS, we are sure you will love the cuisine prepared by Chef Joan at the brunch, a brunch that is really unforgettable.

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