Mr. Nitipat Panyajiravisit, Executive Chef, Novotel Pleonchit Bangkok Hotel

Imagine you were an executive chef of a restaurant, who are in charge of coordinating the work of the kitchen staff; controlling food cost; determining serving sizes; planning menus; ordering supplies; ensuring quality and appealing presentation of food; scheduling staff; and training your subordinate cooks on how to store all ingredients in order to control waste, would you wish to take it as your career?

And if you were also required to work under constant pressure to deliver the food fast without sacrificing quality throughout the cooking process; to stand on your feet for long hours; to endure cuts and burns, heavy lifting, noise, heat, smokes and fumes; and to even work on evenings, weekends and holidays, would you still wish to be an executive chef?

Many of us may be ignorant of all these behind-the-scene sweat and blood of an executive chef, we just enjoy the final creation from the chef. However, to be an executive chef is really not an easy career especially when you are in the competitive gourmet world in Bangkok. Apart from having a physical body like a triathlon athlete, affluent culinary experience and and extraordinary passion will bring an executive chef further success and pride. Mr. Nitipat Panyajiravisit, the Executive Chef of Novotel Pleonchit Bangkok Hotel proved to us that he is an able executive chef that will bring more pride to Novotel Pleonchit.

We were thrilled to meet Chef Nitipat before enjoying our buffet dinner at The SQUARE. Watching him carefully checking every food counter on food quality and presentation assured us one thing – this buffet dinner will not be disappointing.

Chef Nitipat has more than 30 years of culinary experience. Before joining Novotel Pleonchit, he was the Executive Chef of Café de Nimes at Grand Sukhumvit Bangkok Hotel. His move to Novotel Pleonchit has actually caught the attention of local gourmets. He even received invitation to participate in the “Iron Chefs” competition in Bangkok.

We are very sure that Chef Nitipat will bring The SQUARE to its best, as he explained to us, he will only bring “better and better quality dining experience to his diners”. Such pursuit was totally expressed in his creation of the thematic buffet dinner at The SQARE – “Around the Continent”. It is this kind of passion and never-ending pursuit of better quality that can make an executive chef even more outstanding.