Mr. Sanoj Poulose, Food and Beverages Manager a.k.a Mixologist of Novotel Bangkok Ploenchit Sukhumvit

Dee Lounge, one of my favourite happy-hours hangouts, has surprised us on our last visit with the discovery of Mr. Sanoj Poulose, Food and Beverages Manager at Novotel Bangkok Ploenchit Sukhumvit. Not because Mr. Poulose is the Food Beverages Manager; not even because he is a mixologist certified by Fling International  UK for Advance Bartending, Molecular Mixology, and Professional Bartending, but because you can always challenge him to create new cocktails totally off the traditional cocktail menu.

Mr. Poulose demonstrated his passion in bartending through three unique cocktails that you will not be able to find in any corner of the world, but here at Dee Lounge.
1) Khun Bee Daisy: challenged by a guest he met prior to joining Novotel Ploenchit, this cocktail is a soothing, refreshing cocktail
2) Sumet Smash: it is named after our cameraman – Sumet (a.k.a Neng) as he challenged him to make a spicy cocktail
3) Local Thai taste with lemongrass
Dee Lounge Novotel PLoenchit

Watch this video to see how these cocktails are made

Mr. Poulose revealed to us that he intended to bring changes to Dee Lounge by revamping the drinks and cocktail menu. Guests will be able to experience different themes in drinks and mixology.
“Keep it Chill & Juice Garden / Lazy Lazzies  (alcohol free)”  for those who love to stay out of sin;
“Asian Essence of being truly Thai (Local Ingredients & twists of classics)” for those who enjoy cocktails with local twists and ingredients;
“Fresh Island Drinks (unforgotten classics)” for those city slickers to enjoy the young nights; and
“Lingering into late nights (evening cocktails)” for those who need booze to celebrate late nights.

Interested in meeting Mr. Poulose to challenge him with a specific taste you like in a cocktail? You know where to go!