Nathan Chilcott, Executive Chef, Marriott Sukhumvit Hotel

“All my friends, who are vegans, were very impressed with the dinner they had at the District! Chef Nathan had made them a really tasty meal,” said the Marketing Communications Manager of Marriott Sukhumvit. What? A group of vegans had a terrific dinner at a steakhouse? Having heard this astonishing story, I was very eager to meet Mr. Nathan Chilcott, the Executive Chef of Marriott Sukhumvit Hotel, and find out what magic wand he used in his kitchen.

Chef Nathan was born and raised in Australia, where he also obtained qualification in being a professional chef. To broaden his culinary experience, he has travelled and worked extensively across Europe, including Austria, England, France, Portugal, etc. Such substantial experience has abundantly exposed him to different culinary cultures and challenges. During his challenging tenure with Gordan Ramsey’s two-Michelin-star restaurant, Petrus, in England, he has attained an indispensable armour, which all professional chefs should equip with – an endeavour to achieve endless creativity and perfection in cuisines. To Chef Nathan, the balance of flavours in every dish he creates is vital.  With the manipulation of modern culinary techniques, he strives to bring new dimension and taste to his dishes. The best proof of his armour is his signature dish – The District Caesar Salad. You can find Caesar Salad, a very conventional dish, in all Italian/ French restaurants in Bangkok, but Nathan’s strikes me with awe! It is the best Caesar Salad I have had in town!

Now, you may understand why The District is becoming a more and more popular steakhouse. To experience the magic Chef Nathan does to his dishes, we highly recommend you to visit The District. We are one of the regulars, and we are sure you will be the fans of Chef Nathan after your first dining experience at The District!