Roberto Panariello, Chef de Cuisine of Terrazza

Roberto Panariello, Chef de Cuisine of Terrazza at Pathumwan Princess Hotel, is a seasoned talent with extensive experience in restaurant and hospitality arena. Born in Italy, one of the gourmet countries in the world, Chef Roberto has developed an appreciation for exquisite Italian cuisine.

Chef Roberto Panariello

Chef Roberto Panariello also has an impressive pedigree within the international celebrity scene, Bono Vox from the band U2 and world-renowned International footballers Filippo Inzaghi, Paolo Maldini and Roberto Mancini are amongst a list of famous clientele.

Chef Roberto believes in sourcing the finest ingredients from Italy for developing his menu. He is committed to delivering the finest authentic Italian food and bringing the best service to his guests at Terrazza. It is also due to this fact that Terrazza, under the leadership of Chef Roberto, has been granted the ‘Ospitaliltà Italiana‘ award. The authenticity of the food is guaranteed.

Roberto Panariello’s Teamwork

Leading an innovative culinary team at Terrazza, Chef Roberto deeply believes in teamwork. To him, effective teamwork brings forth success and achievement. We are especially impressed when he explains his perspective on teamwork. Each of his team members is like his fingers. When they all work towards the same goal, it’s just like a powerful punch. To Chef Roberto, the most rewarding part of his profession is to see the happy faces of his customers when they are enjoying the food prepared by him.

Chef Roberto, though he may have a fierce look, is very generous in teaching his team members how to cook. In his kitchen, there is no secret recipe or special culinary technique that he cannot transfer his knowledge down to his junior chefs. He wishes each of his team members to learn from him as much as possible. To him, there is another level of satisfaction when he can see his juniors becoming a prominent chef one day!

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If you would like to enjoy some family-style Italian cuisine, Terrazza is where you should go.   ~ Chelsea Chan