Tapas Vino Dynamic Duo Chefs: Maxime and Kiat

Attending the needs and desires of a gourmet foodie lifestyle in Bangkok, Tapas Vino introduces the new dynamic duo of chefs: Maxime and Kiat. The two young chefs come from different parts of the world, but they share the same passion for cooking, reinventing recipes and creating unique culinary creations. Pullman is thrilled to inject new creativity into Tapas Vino, spicing up Bangkok’s dining scene.

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Chef Maxime

The French-born, 25-year-old chef Maxime fell in love with cooking at a young age while spending time with his family in Eastern France where they owned a butchery business. Inspired by his family’s traditions of using natural ingredients and the freshest produce, he started his culinary training in Switzerland and France. Influenced by many chefs from around the globe and working for numerous restaurants and boutique hotels, Maxime cultivated his style of cooking. Refined, elegant and traditional, his cuisine fuses his European heritage with modern culinary techniques to create novel flavour combinations.

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Chef Kiat

Innovative and well-seasoned, the 36-year-old chef Kiat has honed his culinary skills at a number of lauded luxury hotels including Sofitel Centara Grand Bangkok. Chef Kiat is Thai, but he embraces a variation of European culinary sensibilities, especially Spanish and Italian food. Having worked extensively with European executive chefs in the past, including the Spanish native chef Pedro Carillo, chef Kiat has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Spanish tapas. His experience at a restaurant in Macau has also equipped chef Kiat with a global perspective in the culinary world.

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Duo Delights promotion by Chefs Maxime and Kiat

Celebrating this new appointment to the culinary team, Tapas Vino will unveil the launch of a completely new menu of skewers. With similar attitudes and thoughts on the art of meats and marinade, Chef Maxime and Kiat co-created this exciting new culinary offering at Tapas Vino. The menu features both Asian-style and Western delights, including grilled kurobuta pork skewers, Northern Thai sausages, tiger prawn with tamarind sauce, beef skewers with red wine jus and spicy chorizo. Designed to be shared among family and friends, the grilled wagyu ribeye, beef Tomahawk and lamb chops are not to be missed.

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The two new chefs, Maxime and Kiat, at Tapas Vino will undoubtedly continue to enhance Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit as a whole and cement the hotel as Bangkok’s gourmet destination.

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