Why you should try J’AIME by Jean Michel Lorain?

Many Gourmet Bangkok readers are wondering why we highly recommend J’AIME by Jean Michel Lorain. We have been bombarded with many questions since the review on the Sunday brunch of J’AIME was published. It is until we came across this question that we decided to unveil J’AIME more to you all – “If Chef Jean Michel Lorain is not here in Bangkok, what guarantee J’AIME is good?”

Whether the restaurant is michelin-starred or not, there is one common characteristic for all outstanding restaurants. A dedicated team of talented, devoted chefs and a conscientious, versatile manager. In our article about the Head Chef of J’AIME – Mr. Amerigo Tito Sesti, we have revealed his intense passion in delivering the best of his in every dish he prepares. Besides Chef Amerigo, there are two more prominent team players who contribute unconditionally to make J’AIME the best in town. They are Mr. Hernandez Clement, Sous Chef of J’AIME and Ms. Marine Lorain, Maître d’ at J’AIME.

Chef Clement, as the right-hand of Chef Amerigo, possesses unquestionable culinary skills. Chef Clement is quiet and a bit shy, but when he is in the kitchen, his passion in cuisine radiates from within, impressing us with his earnest attitude in cooking.
J'AIME Chefs

Now, it comes to the most important reason why J’AIME by Jean Michel Lorain is highly recommended. It is because of Ms. Marine Lorain, Maître d’ at J’AIME, and daughter of Chef Jean-Michel Lorain. Her role here is not merely  to successfully run J’AIME and maintains its high standard in terms of food and services, but she also represents her father and the Lorain family as a whole. Her full-time role at J’AIME denotes the determination of Chef Jean-Michel Lorain and Marine to make J’AIME better than outstanding; the passion for bringing fine cuisine experience to Asia; and the assurance of quality in all aspects of the food and beverage operation.
J'aime chefs
What absolutely delights us is Chef Jean-Michel Lorain does come to J’AIME quite regularly, giving gourmets in town opportunity to witness and experience his culinary skills.

To us, J’AIME is the best in town for fine dining. Now, you will know why we recommend J’AIME to you all.

To experience fine cuisine from a true Michelin Star Chef, don’t miss the mushroom dinner with Chef Jean-Michel Lorain from 13-17 October 2015 at J’AIME. For more details, please visit https://www.gourmetbangkok.com/exquisite-and-exclusive-mushroom-dinner-with-chef-jean-michel-lorain/

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