A Journey through India – Past and Present

On the 5th and 6th of March 2020 at Karmakamet Conveyance, Chef Saurabh Udinia of Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra and Chef Jutamas “Som” Theantae of Karmakamet Conveyance will spice-up Bangkok’s culinary scene with an Indian-Asian inspired collaborative menu.

The 10 courses menu will represent the cuisine of Masala Library, which culinary journeys spans across the Indian region, in harmony with Chef Som’s dishes which reflect personal memoirs of time spent studying art and discovering her passion for cooking in India.

The menu by Masala Library will feature some of the following dishes; ‘BANGLA|ORIYA|MARATHA’: jhal moorie cookie, dahi bad, farmer’s staple; ‘KHONOMO’: naga pork, stewed bamboo and mizo beans; or ‘LUCKNOW’: caviar malai prawns, pink peppercorn; ‘SURAT’: wok tossed mussels & squid, gujarati paankhi; ‘KONGU NAADU’: thankkali thokku snapper, tempered idiyappam; or ‘SANGUEM’: braised lamb chops, maple & kokum glaze.

A Journey through India – Past and Present 4 Hands Chef Collaboration - Chef Saurabh Udinia x Chef Jutamas “Som” Theantae at Karmakamet Conveyance Date: Thursday 5th & Friday 6th March 2020

The menu by Karmakamet Conveyance will feature some of the following dishes; ‘SILVEPURA’: boiled banana, string beans, grated fresh coconut, South Indian herbs, coconut yoghurt; ‘KALIMPONG’: smoked black cod and Kalimpong cheese mousse, Thai black rice crisp; ‘VARKALA’: emotional seascape – coconut jelly, coconut & fish; ‘SHILLONG’; bamboo steamed chicken, blood rice; ‘JAIPUR’: jubeli caviar, saffron aire; ‘CHOWRINGHEE LANE’: trio of petit fairy cupcakes; and together will be two original collaborative dishes by the chefs.

About Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra: The culinary offerings at Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra, endeavour to offer its patrons a never-before-undertaken gastronomic voyage, capturing the grandeur of centuries-old traditions and the long-lost essence of one of the oldest known gastronomic traditions in the world, combining it with modern-day cooking techniques, whilst retaining the traditional preparation for each dish on offer. The Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra experience is showcased through its unique spread represented by dishes from the key provinces of the country. Each region, represented in the vast menu, is prepared & presented by Chefs with extensive experience and expertise in the cuisine from the same. The main focus of Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra is to revive the traditional recipes from across India with an emphasis on tracing the lineage of the Kebab and serving the greatest Curries of India.

–       “We serve memories, not just food” ~ JIGGS KALRA