KHAAN is a Thai restaurant offering an innovative tasting menu that reimagines traditional Thai cuisine. The name ‘ KHAAN ‘ translates as ‘tiger’ in Thai but also carries multiple meanings of speaking, singing, and proclaiming, conveying both positivity and auspiciousness.


The restaurant is situated on bustling Somkid Street, an area well-known to both locals and international visitors. Our location is surrounded by residences, offices, and shopping centres.

The KHAAN interior reflects an extraordinary fusion of traditional and antique Thai styles, creating a captivating blend of elements, with rich hues of shellac red and gold symbolizing the gentleness and elegance of Thai aesthetics.

Chef Aom Sujira Pongmorn aims to present Thai cuisine by utilizing the highest quality local Thai produce, maximizing each ingredient’s intrinsic value and enhancing their flavours to add intricate layers to each dish. Through the harmonious incorporation of foreign ingredients, a fresh representation of Thai cuisine emerges, thoughtfully aligned with the preferences of Thai people. The tasting menu is composed of a meticulously curated sequence of eleven courses, unfolding in a way that evokes the harmonious and precise sounds of a musical performance.


This culinary journey has been inspired by street food, renowned for its accessibility and satisfying nature, holding appeal for both Thai locals and visitors to Thailand. Another important source of inspiration is Chef Aom’s own family, who share her passion for cooking. The genuine warmth in Chef Aom’s heart, coupled with her mastery of traditional Thai recipes handed down by culinary masters, is transmitted to guests through
each dish.

Traditional Thai recipes are recovered, and find new life through Chef Aom’s distinctive style. With 18 years of experience in the food industry, she adeptly marries traditional techniques with innovative presentation while staying true to the essence of traditional Thai cuisine.

Starting October 1st, we welcome reservations for November and December dining experiences. Embark on a culinary journey with our meticulously prepared 11-course tasting menu, priced at 3,850++ baht.

KhaanEnhance your experience with wine pairing: 6 glasses for 2,450++ baht or 4 glasses for 1,900++ baht. For non-alcoholic options, enjoy our tea pairing at 690++ baht.