Villa Frantzén x Sake Dress

AUGUST 19, 2023 at 18:30 in Villa Frantzén

An exciting dinner event in collaboration with Mori San from the snowy lands of Northern Japan. Over a course of a six-course set menu at Villa Frantzén, Mori San will guide a limited group of diners through the different brews from his region and reveal more about the art of his handcrafted manufacture in the extreme snow lands of Akita.

6 courses, 1 supplement dish, 1 welcome cocktail, 6 glasses of sake pairing (including 3 sake unavailable elsewhere in Thailand)

5,900 THB ++

“Sake Dress” sake captures the essence of Yokote city’s natural atmosphere in Akita prefecture, where Mori San not only uses pristine natural spring water in the process but also emphasises specially selected Akita rice. It is the diverse expressions of rice, from one year to another that Mori San captures in his bottles and adjusts his processes year by year. To Villa, Mori San brings in his green bottle of Shizuku Otoshi, a flagship product of Sake Dress, not yet sold in Thailand. Its estimated wholesale price in Thailand would be 15,000 baht. Only 300 bottles are produced after a year, and the entire process is hand manufactured. Another bottle Mori San will bring will be a blue bottle of Sake Dress which is aged 1.5 years of which only 800 bottles are made, and it’s planned for release only in 2024 even in Japan.


The Menu

The Saturday dinner event will be filled with Nordic dishes from Villa Frantzén paired with extremely flavorful sake from Mori San and a chance to make new friends and connections with like-minded sake enthusiasts.

Villa Frantzén x Sake Dress

Evening Plan

The event will begin with a welcome aperitif at 18:30 in the Villa Frantzén Cocktail Bar, where Villa Frantzén will introduce Mori San.

During this time guests will receive a Hokkaido beer-based welcome cocktail created specially for the event by villa’s Bar Manager Gabriel Valdés and a supplement bite. Mori San will explain briefly the sake production process and how they use their five senses and hand production to create an exceptionally fragrant sake in the extreme winter land of Northern Japan.

This will be followed by a dinner inside one of the villa’s most scenic private dining rooms. A set 6-course dinner with a sake pairing guided by Mori San, who will also show the subtle nuances between Kijiyo-shu (rich brewed sake) and sake made with pure mineral water.

It is a limited seats event for only 12 guests.

To secure the booking, full prepayment is necessary via a payment link sent by Villa Frantzén’s reservations team.

Guests can book either by mailing the restaurant directly at or make a reservation directly in the booking calendar on our website following this link.