G.H. Mummlaunches the latest blend of champagne, ‘Mumm Grand Cordoncreating special sensorial taste to treat champagne lovers and celebrating the 1st Anniversary of ‘CRU Champagne Bar – A G.H. Mumm Bar’

‘G.H. Mumm’ launches the latest blend of champagne, ‘Mumm Grand Cordon’

A top world-class champagne G.H. Mumm, led by Krisada Kamolwarinthip,  Marketing Director,  Pernod Ricard (Thailand) treats the champagne lovers by holding a launch of new champagne blend, Mumm Grand Cordon for the first time in Thailand and celebrates the first anniversary of ‘CRU Champagne Bar A G.H. Mumm Barluxury rooftop champagne bar creating the beyond extraordinary experience for visitors through the  360-degree scenery at CRU Champagne Bar, Centara Grand  Central World Hotel  on Thursday, January 18, 2018 from 18.30 hrs. onwards.

‘G.H. Mumm’ launches the latest blend of champagne, ‘Mumm Grand Cordon’

The event was honoured by top many celebrities in Thailand to participate such as Prairpun Tumwattana, Kornkanok Yongsakul, M.L. Attadit Diskul, Vinita Tejapaibul, Praewa Chirapravati Na Ayudhya, Saowakon Pornpatanarak, Jantra Junpitakchai, Pitt Karchai, Malinee Adelaide Coates and more.

Krisada Kamolwarinthip talks about the objective to hold this party and Mumm Grand Cordon’s highlights that; Mumm Grand Cordon is an elaborately crafted champagne and has its uniqueness in both taste and avantgarde design to offer the real sense of celebration to all the champagne lovers. And this is the 1st anniversary of openingCRU Champagne Bar A G.H. Mumm Bar’. Thus we have selected Mumm Grand Cordon as the item of celebration for everyone in a highly exclusive party under the atmosphere of 360-degree view above Bangkok.’

‘G.H. Mumm’ launches the latest blend of champagne, ‘Mumm Grand Cordon’

Mumm Grand Cordon, the latest champagne blend from G.H. Mumm is crafted with uniqueness through the reinterpretation in both bottle design and taste to deliver the drinking experience representing the celebration on special occasion accordingly to the brand’s concept, “Dare.Win.Celebrate”. The image of the bottle is designed to identify a  Red Sash in the middle, which is a symbol that King Napoleon the First of France granted to  Georges Hermann Mumm, the owner of the champagne brand to express the greatest honour to citizenship in that period of time considered as the real symbol of achievements and celebration.

The main ingredients are based on the combination of various characteristics of ingredients which are Pinot Noir grapes as mainly of 45% added with the delicate taste f 30% Chardonnay grapes, and 25% of Pinot Meunier. After more than 20 months on the less resting in the Maison’s cellar, it delivers intense aroma and taste of ripe peach, apricot cascade from the glass, chased by hints of vanilla and caramel, dried fruit and honey to savour with the taste of food like white meat or fish. Even the drink to celebrate the special occasion, the taste of Mumm Grand Cordon can always create the premium and unforgettable experience of celebration impressively.

The launch event of Mumm Grand Cordon was held at CRU Champagne Bar A G.H. Mumm Baron CRU Champagne Bar, Centara Grand at Central World Hotel, marvelous rooftop champagne bar to see the scenic 360-degree view over the heart of Bangkok under the design concept with modernity and additional design of fun and  vibrant elements through red decorating lights to represent the  Red Sash as the brand’s symbol. The highlight of CRU Champagne Bar A G.H. Mumm Bar is a spectacular 360-degree scenery of Bangkok, especially the evening scene during the twilight to see colours of the horizon, and also the night romantic scene with the shimmery lights from the skyscrapers embracing the heart of Bangkok in Ratchaprasong area. And for those who need privacy can also reserve the seat in VIP zone. This CRU Champagne Bar – A G.H. Mumm Bar offers the service to serve premium champagne and a special recipe of cocktail sparkling, including ‘Mumm Grand Cordon’ the latest flavour from G.H. Mumm.

‘G.H. Mumm’ launches the latest blend of champagne, ‘Mumm Grand Cordon’

Savour the premium experience of food and beverage and try the latest blend of champagne from G.H. Mumm today at  ‘CRU Champagne Bar A G.H. Mumm Bar, open daily from 17.00 – 01.00 hrs.

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About G.H. Mumm

G.H. Mumm’, the top world class champagne with its long history for over two centuries is originated in the city of Champagne in France. It’s a champagne fermented with Pinot Noir grape mainly with the different proportion of ingredients from other champagne brands. Thus G.H. Mumm has its own unique champagne flavour. Accordingly to this signature,  ‘G.H. Mumm’ has become the number one best-selling champagne in France and it’s one of the three champagne brands that’s available in over 100 countries worldwide, and popular selection among the royal families around the world.

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