Orange Wine Week 2018

Orange Wine Week 2018 is back at About Eatery. Due to the success of last year’s Orange Wine Week and the Natural Wine Festival, the tradition will continue for the love of wine and a gourmands’ annual indulgence.

As the Natural Wine movement is on the rise and the knowledge expanded, there is still a misconception about Orange Wine. For a start, it has nothing to do with oranges.  Orange wine is simply white wine made like a red wine.

Orange Wine Week 2018

19 – 25 March, About Eatery invites diners and wine lovers to discover or re-acquaint themselves with the wonders of the ancient natural method and characteristics of Orange Wine.

Orange Wine Week 2018

The Orange Wine Week is the perfect opportunity to whet your palate heading into The Natural Wine Festival in June 2018, Thailand’s biggest Natural Wine Festival with the largest range of Natural Wines. Watch this space!


Orange Wine takes on characteristics of both red and white wines – strength, tannins, fruit, minerality – and pairs easily with many foods. Orange wine is practically white wine made like red wine. Despite the recent interest in orange wine, its origin is as ancient as winemaking itself. It sits within the larger “natural wine” movement of minimal intervention and manipulation in winemaking. A veritable return to the way wine was made thousands of years ago, when keeping the skins with the grapes was letting nature take its course.

“A new trend in the wine world, a 6000-year-old method of winemaking”

Red Wine: black grapes macerated with their skins.

Rose Wine: black grapes briefly macerated with their skins.

White Wine: white grapes macerated without their skins.

Want to know more? Come and speak to the sommelier and partner of About Eatery – Giulio Saverino.

19 – 25 March @ ABOUT EATERY


  • Extensive 20 Labels of Orange Wine

  • 10 Wine available by the glass/ half glass

  • Promotion – 20% off Orange Wine for take away

Orange Wine Week 2018



Monday 19 – Wednesday 21:

Ultimate Artisan Platter with a selection of cold cut and cheese from local artisans ( Barefood Bangkok, VIVIN and more )

Thursday 22:

Highlight* Orange Wine Dinner – A new age cuisine tasting feast pairing with Orange Wine.

Friday 23 – Saturday 24:

Pescheria – Seafood Market with special A la carte menu by Chef Fabio Colautti

Sunday 25:

Farmers’ Picnic with special a la carte menu, local and sustainable produce, guest artisans and live music. Of course, you can choose your favourite wine to go with them.



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