The Canvas Local Tour 2018 will involve chefs from different regions of Thailand; North East ( Esan), Central (Bangkok), South (Hua Hin) and Southern Island (Phuket), who are driving the local ingredient movement in the casual fine dining scene.

“An epic collaboration of chefs from around Thailand, driving the fine local movement”  

Chef Jimmy of PRU in Phuket and Chef Num of Samuay & Sons will cook for one night with Chef Riley at Canvas Bangkok, whilst Chef Riley will cook for one evening at Big Fish restaurant at the Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa.

Each chef collaboration dinner will present three food “elements” as part of the Canvas Local Tour 2018 theme.

Diners will be able to appreciate each Chef’s signature dishes and indulge in the unique combination of collaborative dishes, as one tasting menu for each of the tour “elements”.

The Chefs will be shipping in the special ingredients from their native regions to create original recipes.

The Canvas Local Tour 2018

In April, Chef Jimmy of Pru Phuket with Chef Riley, will be creating a “plant” menu with plant-based dishes derived from ingredients shipped from their Phuket farm at Trisara Phuket.

(Location: Canvas Bangkok)


In May, Chef Xavier of Big Fish with Chef Riley, will be creating a “sea” based menu with fresh, sustainable seafood produce from the Hua Hin region.

(Location: Big Fish & Bar Hua Hin)   


In June, Chef Num of Samuay & Sons will join Chef Riley at Canvas, with a “fire” themed menu, highlighting exotic and wild ingredients grown in Esan.

(Location: Canvas Bangkok)


This is an incredible opportunity to appreciate three very unique menus by 4 extremely passionate chefs at two very cool locations.

Canvas Local Tour 2018 – “PLANT, SEA, FIRE”

7TH APRIL – “PLANT MENU”    Chef Jimmy (PRU-Phuket) X Chef Riley at Canvas

  • “Plant Menu”  2,900++ for 8 servings, Maximum 50 pax


18TH MAY – “SEA MENU”   Chef Xavier (Big Fish & Bar -Hua Hin) X  Chef Riley at Big Fish Hua Hin

  • ” Sea Menu”   1,900++ for 6 servings


15TH JUNE – “FIRE MENU”  Chef Num (Samuay & Sons-Esan) X Chef Riley at Canvas

  • ” Fire Menu”   2,900++ for 8 servings, Maximum 50 pax

Be sure to book in advance to secure your place, seatings are limited to 50 Persons.

*for wine pairing price or cocktail list, please contact Canvas Restaurant: 099 614 1158 ( Canvas event location) or  Big Fish & Bar Hua Hin: (Hua Hin event location) 032 904 666


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