80/20 Bangkok - A Must Try

80/20 Bangkok – A Must Try

We went to 80/20 Bangkok after the Thai government’s announcement of unlocking the city in July. We were like hungry beasts released from the prison. “We can finally enjoy an epicurean dinner. Let’s pick a nice restaurant. 80/20 Bangkok it is!” After all, the 3-month lockdown of the city has increased our desperate desire to enjoy a nice dinner with wine and professional services.

80/20 Bangkok is a Michelin-starred restaurant that really deserves its star. Under the stewardship of Chef Napol Jantraget and Chef Saki Hoshino, 80/20 has been able to provide guests with an experience of the unthinkable adaptability of local produces for their limitless Thai cuisine possibilities and flavours. Guests are able to recognize the familiar taste of Thai food while enjoying incredible culinary skills of Chef Napol and Chef Saki.

When we visited 80/20 Bangkok, we had tried the 10-course seasonal pre-monsoon menu, with wine pairing. The wine pairing is one of the very best pairings we have had in 2020. The memory of how the food and wine interacted on our palate is still vivid. The progressive strength of the wine went hand-in-hand with the food courses. Each wine was distinct in its flavour, aroma and aftertaste.

10-course seasonal pre-monsoon menu 

Fermented Duck Sausage

Serviced in a black spheric ball, this bite is an unconventional fermented sausage that we could easily found in Thailand. Taste-wise, it was delicate with an enticing fermented sour-savoury flavour. It’s rather a bite that one can eat non-stop leisurely.

80/20 Bangkok - A Must Try

Mieng Kham

I like the presentation of this dish, it’s rustic and primitive.  A bite of traditional Mieng Kham that rocks your palate with layered flavours of spiciness, sweetness and savoury taste.

80/20 Bangkok - A Must Try

Flavours of Seasonal Fruits

Served on the ice, these slices of pineapples were the best harvest I have ever had. It’s refreshing and very appetizing.

80/20 Bangkok - A Must Try

Chicken Essence

This high concentrate of chicken essence reminds me of my mom’s traditional Chinese soup! The aroma was unleashed once the lid was opened. The smell rushed into the nostrils with a strong appetizing symbol to the brain. One sip of the soup, it already warmed me up with its pleasing flavour.

80/20 Bangkok - A Must Try

The above four snacks are paired with NV Villa Cornaro Prosecco Extra Dry DOC, Veneto, Italy

Chill from the Southern Sea
Paired with 2018 Markus Schneider Kaitui Sauvignon Blanc, Pfalz, Germany

 A nostalgic serving of ‘Chill from the Southern Sea’ – Long time ago when plastic wrapping and packaging was not the mainstream, people used to use this kind of food container to shop for food and takeaway. The oyster was my favourite. I was willing to let this oyster conquer my world! Plump and briny, its juiciness is beyond description. This biscuit-like bite features the freshest catch from the Southern Sea!

80/20 Bangkok - A Must Try80/20 Bangkok - A Must Try80/20 Bangkok - A Must Try

Local Gourd and Salted Duck Egg
2018 Urban Riesling by St. Urbans-Hof, Mosel, Germany

It’s the skill of the chef in making a rounded flavour of this eye-appealing bite. The salted egg was not too salty but spiced up with the chilli paste. The edible petals not only made the dish artistic, but it also made it fresher to taste. For this dish, we were recommended to eat it like a sandwich with the crispy garlic crepes.

80/20 Bangkok - A Must Try80/20 Bangkok - A Must Try

Larb Kua Hed

This dish is earthy, resembling the down-to-earth life of Northern Thailand with edible flowers, mushroom and its puree. It’s served with a thin piece of rice cracker!

80/20 Bangkok - A Must Try

Smoked River Fish and Banana Blossom
2016 Vinas del Vero Gewurztraminer, Somontano, Spain

The smokey river fish was a gem to the palate. It’s one of the mains of this 10-course menu. The fish was cooked just right to retain its scrumptious juice inside. The sauce and the banana blossom together spiced up the bite of fish with freshness and spiciness!

80/20 Bangkok - A Must Try

Slow-cooked Pork Belly, Barley Koji and Local Cabbage

The pork belly melted in the mouth with an intense flavour. The fat of the pork belly seems to have melted into the pork. It was impressive on the palate when savouring it with the Chinese sweet & salty sauce. The second part of this dish is an innovated vegetable soup. It’s served with roasted vegetable puree, dehydrated cabbage leaves and pork consomme. It’s an elevated version of Thai Jab Chai.

80/20 Bangkok - A Must Try80/20 Bangkok - A Must Try

River Prawn Curry and Roti
2017 Pietradolce, Etna Rosso, Sicil, Italy (natural)

This dish again has two parts. The first part is the body of a plump river prawn. It’s juicy and flavoursome. If you think it can already satisfy you, you will be amazed at the prawn’s head, which is served with the chilli paste! The gem is the prawn’s head!

80/20 Bangkok - A Must Try80/20 Bangkok - A Must Try

Flavours of Local Beef, Eggplant and Rice of the Moment
2017 Joan D’Anguera, Planella, Carinena, Montsant, Spin (Biodynamic)

The flavour of the local beef tasted like imported premium wagyu beef – it’s so tender that my palate was able to enjoy every drop of meaty juice! This dish is a traditional Thai red curry dish. The curry sauce was best to eat with steamingly hot Jasmine rice! The aroma of the beef and curry further enhanced the appetite! It was the best main in the course.

80/20 Bangkok - A Must Try80/20 Bangkok - A Must Try

Guava / Honey and Lychee / Mango
2018 Special Late Harvest Gewurztraminer, Robertson, South Africa

After enjoying a fulfilling and satisfying main course, the dessert came to refresh our palate. The guava was first served to soothe our palate from the exciting beef curry. We felt amazingly satisfied when a sweet-and-sour honey and lychee was served to us. It was a perfect ending of this meal!

80/20 Bangkok - A Must Try
80/20 Bangkok - A Must Try

Where is 80/20 Bangkok

80/20 Bangkok
Address: 1052-1054, 26 Charoen Krung Rd, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500
Phone: +669-9118-2200
Website: 80/20 Bangkok

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