Haoma X Gen – Indian flavours meet Malaysian spices

Haoma X Gen was a four-hands dining event held at Haoma from 6 to 7 December 2019. Chef Johnson Wong of Gen Penang joined Chef Deepanker “DK” Khosla at Rise of The Indian Orient – Chapter Three. Both DK and Haoma return to the Thai capital fresh from Paris where the restaurant was named Elite Magazine Restaurant of the Year 2019, and DK was named Elite Magazine young chef of the year, at a marquee ceremony at the Eiffel Tower.

Personally, we know Chef DK’s cuisine is getting more and more unforgettable. On the contrary, it was the very first time we had tried Chef Johnson Wong’s cuisine. We may have been under the impression that Penang is all about street food or traditional Chines food only, so Chef Johnson has literally blown away my deep-rooted perception of Penang food. Like Chef DK, he understands his culture well enough to elevate his culturally-rooted cuisine to the next level. It’s a level that I myself, as a Chinese, is familiar with but also very unfamiliar.

Chef DK has been very clever in inviting guest chef to organize four-hand dinner event. What I have witnessed is his preference for innovative, bold, young chefs who share similarities in his food. Each dinner event is a taste of complementarities of culture, flavours and creativity. None of the events has ever disappointed me.

At Haoma, I am not just fond of Chef DK, I also like his sommelier Vishi. So far, he is my most favourite sommelier. I have been to many wine-pairing dinners and special events, among which some wine pairings were there to persuade me to quit drinking entirely. Sommelier Vishi’s recommendation is not limited to wine only, I have been impressed with his selections of champagne, sake and even whisky for pairing with my food.

The four-hand dinner

Curry – Chicken wing, Corn, Salted Eggs

Among these three bites, I especially like the corn, its natural sweetness complemented the curry flavour, carrying an explosive cry of umami.

Mushroom – Dehydrated soil, Peanuts, Mizuna

Acar – Ginger flower, Ulams, Pickled Vegetables

Pomegranate Chaat – Indian Farsan, Youghurt, Tuna

Prawns – Pork Lard, Coriander, Puffed Rice

Duck – Duck Tikka, Makhani Curry, Steamed Naan

Fish – White Peppercorn, Pucuk Manis, Fermented

Cow Hide – Chawanprash, Burnt Milk Ice-cream, Pistachio Nuts

I love this dessert idea. ‘Cow Hide’ in the form of a sweet blanket resembling the skin of a Holstein. The black spots were made by chawanprash. This sweet bite is very creative.

Bird Nest – Egg Custard, Crysthanium, Goji Berry

Whenever my time permits, I join Haoma’s special dinner to indulge in Chef DK’s culinary skill and the best beverage pairing in town

Where is Haoma Bangkok?

Address: 231/3 Sukhumvit Rd, Khwaeng Khlong Toei Nuea, Khet Watthana, Bangkok 10110
Phone: +662 258 4744
Website: haoma.dk/

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