Karmakamet Conveyance

Karmkamet Conveyance

Karmkamet Conveyance is a very interesting restaurant from its internal design to its unique cuisine conscientiously designed by Chef Jutamas “Som” Theantae. The visually asymmetrical tableware and interior decoration are as intriguing as Chef Som’s cuisine. It was my pleasure to have had a chance to experience Chef Som’s intriguing cuisine on its grand opening. The tasting menu crafted by Chef Som for the grand opening was her life journey and cultures, comprising of the taste of life in China, India and Thailand.

The tasting menu consisted of 12 courses. Unlike any other standard menu with names of ingredients stated for each course, Chef Som’s menu gave diners her words for the feelings of each dish. The gourmet journey with Chef Som started with the ‘Miracle Water’.

Miracle Water – After 40 years of living in darkness, patience is awarded with an awakening of the senses

It’s a kind of Chinese herbal liquor that Chef Som’s family made and stored in the dark for more than 40 years! It did wake you up after one sip! Pungent and strong, this miracle water would be nice to have a tiny shot.

Karmakamet Conveyance

1st Grains – Luxury does not always mean from distant places

This course came with three spherical bite-size balls. At the first look, they looked so much like a kind of common Thai street snack – kanom kai nok kata. Chef Som’s version contained cheese, banana with masala filling and sweet potato with chilli sauce.  I could relate this course with Chef Som’s explanation on the fact that ‘luxury does not always mean from distant places’. During my childhood, the most luxurious snack for me was a street pancake snack which might cost me my breakfast. This stall was so close to where I live and I genuinely treasured every bite of it and always bought one for myself when I scored high for my exam.

This course was paired with NV Champagne Blanc de Blancs a Cramant Brut, Diebolt-Vallois, Cramant, France, a Champagne that is only produced 60,000 bottles per year.

Karmakamet ConveyanceKarmakamet Conveyance

2nd Warmth

This was a soup course was my favourite. The soup was made Chinese herbs and chicken and fishbone consomme. The flavour was so aromatically rich! As a Chinese from the Guangdong area where soup is indispensable in each meal, it was a reminder of my mom’s cooking.

Karmakamet Conveyance

3rd Rainforest – After the rain

This salad course featuring green beans, Indian pennywort, and dots of chlorophyll smelt like the green after the rain. At the very first bite, the taste genuinely led you into the after-rain woods.

This course continued to be paired with NV Champagne Blanc de Blancs a Cramant Brut, Diebolt-Vallois, Cramant, France.

Karmakamet Conveyance

4th Street – Hustling and Bustling

This course featured Chef Som’s signature dish – Oyster hoi tod served with noodles with an appetizing spiced sauce tasted like the convergence of Indian curry and Thai massaman. The oyster crispy cake was a unique Chef’s Som version with a whole piece of fresh oyster, separating from the crispy batter. The noodle was complemented with some refreshing pomelo and a fried egg, balancing out the spiciness of the dish! It was an experience of gliding through the local markets of Thailand and India, tasting and smelling the spices and feeling the hustling vibes of the markets.

This course was paired with NV Champagne Blanc de Blancs “Prestige”, Diebolt-Vallois, Cramant, France.

Karmakamet Conveyance

5th Village – The unpredictable tastes of moment of places in life

This course was like a combination of different parts of local communities in a village.  On top of some translucent coconut water jelly cubes, I found some Japanese amberjack fish, crab, squid, and Chinese rice dumpling. This little bowl contained flavours of every walk of life in a small fishing village. It was an interesting dish with diverse textures and mouth feels – soft, bouncy, sticky.

This course was paired with NV Champagne Rose Extra Brut 1er Cru, Gonet-Medeville, Bisseuil Marne, France. Karmakamet Conveyance (19)Karmakamet Conveyance

6th Life –  Busy & Messy

I was impressed with the jellified vinegar. It was a brilliant idea for eating with the beef tongue. Chef Som gave a Chinese touch to this course by adding bite-sized fried mantou and fried shrimp. As suggested by the name of the dish, it looked busy and messy but it was a feeling of what life is for Chef Som.

This course was paired with Champagne Blanc de Noirs Brut 1er Cru AOC, Gonet-Medeville, France.

Karmakamet Conveyance

Karmakamet Conveyance

Fleur de Sel

It was a transition course to the main – Samut Songkhram sea salt ice cream served its role as a perfect palate cleanser.

Karmakamet Conveyance

7th Pre Motion – Back and Forth

It was another interesting course, which was a sushi of smoked black cod served on a piece of curved metal. I liked the presentation of this course very much! It’s simple but elegant, making the piece of smoked black cod especially enticing.

This course was paired with NV Champagne Rose, Diebolt-Vallois, Cramant, France.

Karmakamet Conveyance

8th Motion –  Balance

This course was named ‘Balance’, it was a consecutive fish course from the black cod to Dover sole fish served with a piece of fried zucchini. The Champagne sauce added a delightful flavour to the fish! It was a balance tastes from the land and sea!

This course was paired with NV Champagne Rose, Diebolt-Vallois, Cramant, France.

Karmakamet Conveyance

9th Wealth –  The unnecessities

While I disagree with the fact that wealth is an unnecessity, this dish which featured a piece of perfectly-grilled lamb rack came with flavoursome biryani rice, fried corn, and coriander chutney. As a meat lover, this dish was necessary on the menu.

This course was paired with Champagne Blanc de Noirs Brut 1er Cru, Gonet-Medeville, France.

Karmakamet Conveyance

10th Celebration – Lights of Life

This sweet course is a mix of various Thai desserts such as shaved ice with jujube, Chinese soft tofu and fried taro in sangria juice. It reminded me of the late evening of Chinatown where I would look for some Chinese sweet delicacies. It’s interesting but I was not fully capable of handling such a diverse taste of sweets in one bowl.

Karmakamet Conveyance

Farewell – Until we meet again 

This course is the last course of the menu featuring a Chinese-India convergent flavour of sweetness with gulab jamun, milk curd, and a silver leaf. This dessert was sweeter than the previous course.

This course was paired with NV Champagne Blanc de Blancs “Prestige”, Diebolt-Vallois, Cramant, France.

Karmakamet Conveyance

Karmakamet Conveyance has officially opened its doors at its new location in Thonglor. The restaurant, run by chef Jutamas “Som” Theantae in partnership with Natthorn “Edge” Rakchana, founder of the namesake aromatherapy brand, reflects Som’s itinerant, label-defying journey to the professional kitchen. The space itself feels like a dreamscape, with two-tops set amid curved white walls, gold-tinted mirrors and exposed bricks. Meanwhile, 12-course dinners (B2,500; add B2,500 for Champagne pairing) meander from singularly named dishes like Wealth (Indian spice-rubbed lamb) to Street (southern Thai curry) to Pre-motion (smoked black cod served sushi-style).

Who in Gourmet Bangkok Team experienced this special dinner at Karmakamet Conveyance?

Chelsea Chan ~ A food lover, golfer, fun lover, and adventurer
Chelsea ChanChelsea was born in Hong Kong and is a genuine food lover. Her palate is especially sharp on Cantonese food, delicacies from Hong Kong and meat (especially beef, chicken and lamb). She is able to taste how the food is cooked and prepared. Besides, she is also a pro buffet gourmet because of her unlimited appetite. When she says ‘too sweet’, it may not be sweet for you as her preference for chocolate is 72++ dark chocolate.

Will Gourmet Bangkok recommend Karmakamet Conveyance?

It is an experience of Chef Som’s life, cultures and experiences. It’s interesting to give it a try!

 Close your eyes and taste the food. Relate it to the name of the dish and breathe in Chef Som’s life and experience ~ Chelsea

Where is Karmakamet Conveyance?

Karmakamet Conveyance
Address: 1 1/1 Klang Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110
Phone: +662 004 3997
Website: karmakametconveyance.com

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