Tenko Omakase Pullman Bangkok King Power

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Interactive English-speaking chef
Limited but spacious seating
Room for improvement in presentation

Writing about the omakase experience at Tenko Omakase Bangkok at Pullman Bangkok King Power is a piece of cake. Tenko possesses every necessary quality for my fondness of this Omakase dining experience.

To many people, Omakase is all about placing our full trust in the sushi chef in delivering an unforgettable Omakase experience. For me, Omakase in a fine dining setting entails more than that. I would prefer to sit at the chef’s table in a comfortable dining ambiance; I would love to be able to interact with the sushi chef throughout my Omakase experience to understand more about each course he is serving me; I would also love to enjoy my Omakase in a beautiful location.

Tenko Omakase Bangkok has it all!

Starting from its unique location. Tenko Omakase Bangkok is situated in the most beautiful spot inside Pullman Bangkok King Power. The standalone modern Japanese-styled house elegantly stands in the middle of a botanic garden, surrounded by lush greenery and koi ponds. Such serene privacy is hardly found anywhere in the heart of Bangkok.

Chef Goji Kobayashi, who has developed and refined traditional Japanese techniques as he worked in a Michelin Starred omakase-style restaurant in San Francisco, is fluent in English. We had interesting conversations throughout our dining, turning our Omakase experience very interactive and joyful.

We enjoyed a beautifully premium 16-course Omakase. While watching Chef Goji in motion, we also learned from him about the produces used for the Omakase. Chef Goji likes to use seasonal fresh harvests he can ably source from the Toyosu market in Japan. He is especially interested in sourcing specialties that may not be easily found in other Omakase restaurants in Bangkok for crafting his unique Omakase.

Premium 16-course Omakase

To enjoy the Omakase experience to the fullest, we ordered a bottle of sake at the recommendation of Chef Goji! It was an aromatic, smooth sake! Joyful dining spirit lifted!

Tenko Pullman Bangkok King Power (1)Tenko Pullman Bangkok King Power (2)Tenko Pullman Bangkok King Power (3)Tenko Pullman Bangkok King Power (4)There are only 10 seats at Tenko Omakase Bangkok. We would highly recommend you book your seats in advance!

Tenko Omakase Bangkok is open every day from Tuesday – Sunday. (Monday is closed because the fish market in Japan closes on Sundays)

Dinner: 2 rounds a day at 18.00 and 20.00 hrs.

Maximum 10 seats available per time

Traditional Omakase

Nigiri Course THB 5,500 net per person for 14 dishes

Premium Course THB 7,000 net per person for 16 dishes

Will Gourmet Bangkok recommend Tenko Omakase Bangkok?

I would highly recommend Tenko for its unique, elegant location and the interactive dining experience with Chef Goji.

Tenko has its unique charm that no other Omakase restaurants can offer! Chef Goji is capable of making an unforgettable Omakase dining experience for you. ~ Chelsea

Where is Tenko Omakase Bangkok?

Tenko Omakase Bangkok

Address: Pullman Bangkok King Power 8/2 Rang Nam Alley, Thanon Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400
Phone: +662 680 9999
Website: Tenko Omakase Bangkok

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