You may not be familiar with Absolute Fit Food, but I am sure you should have heard of Absolute Yoga and Absolute Pilates. For yoga lovers, you may even be familiar with Absolute Sanctuary on Koh Samui. Absolute Fit Food is brought to Bangkok by the same owners of these well-known brands in the competitive fitness and well-being industry. Being inspired by Love Kitchen in Absolute Sanctuary, which has been nominated 3 times for the Best Spa Cuisine of the Year by Asia Spa, Absolute Fit Food is bringing Bangkokians a totally new food concept – healthy superfoods meals. What’s more, they deliver your superfoods meals directly to your front door. 

Absolute Fit Food

At first, I was rather worried that the delivery of perishable vegetables and food under of the heat of Thailand may alter the taste. However, I discovered that this professional team has carried out a lot of tests and trials on each course of meals. They taste every course after freezing the meal box in the fridge for a few days; after asking the delivery team to circle around Bangkok for a few hours. By using personalised cooler bag, the food stays fresh. On each meal box, there is a label telling you the amount of calorie of the course, the ingredients, production date and expiry date.
Absolute Fit Food

You may immediately equate healthy superfoods meals with flavourless vegetarian food. If you think so, you are totally wrong. Learning from Dr. Cherisse Yang, Program Consultant of Absolute Fit Food and Certified Gourmet Health Food Chef and Instructor (LLCA), superfoods, which are organic, unprocessed whole foods, are very rich in nutrition, as well as very beneficial for health. Therefore, it doesn’t mean their meals contain only green vegetables, there are also poultry and fish. Absolute Fit Food has designed different meal programs to suit your health and fitness goals. At the moment, there are 5 programs – Weight Loss, Healthy Eating, Anti-Aging, Lunch/Dinner Express, Absolute Healthy Break. Every program can also be fine-tuned to suit your preference of taste, health conditions and your food allergy background, ensuring the best results for the health program you choose.

Absolute Fit Food

Don’t want to join their meal program without trying out their food? You can first visit their Chef’s table, located in The Portico. Reservation has to be made in advance as there are only 8 seats available. At the Chef’s table, you are able to try out a 3-course meal, while watching Chef Ma preparing each course of your meal and learning more about the ingredients they use in your meal. If you ask me how the food tastes like, I will say that it is totally out of your imagination.  Using only the original flavour of each ingredient and a simple seasoning of lime juice, sea salt and organic herbs, I was amazed at the taste of the food they serve. Every bite is fresh and delicious, with a distinct flavour of each ingredient, without oils, sugar and MSG.

Absolute Fit Food

The water I had on that day was so refreshing:

Absolute Fit Food

Sanctuary spring roll and Salsa with flax crackers: the wrap of the spring roll was very thin, it melted in my mouth and blended well with the colourful vegetables inside. The flax crackers wasn’t dry and hard, and were perfect match with the tomato salsa. It was delicious with toothsome taste.

Absolute Fit Food

Seafood quinoa paella and Mediterranean wrap: it was my first time tasting quinoa, a nutritious superfood. It was tasty as it carried the taste of saffron, tomatoes and peas. With the United Nations announcing 2013 as the International Year of Quinoa, quinoa is now a very popular food in many western countries. The Mediterranean wrap was also delectable.

Absolute Fit Food

By the time I finished this course, I already felt quite full. It surprised me because the portion of each course wasn’t big and I could usually eat a lot.

My dessert was Lemongrass panna cotta with pineapple salsa and Absolute fit cookies: the dessert was beautifully presented. The dessert perfectly ended the whole meal with happiness. I love the dessert as it wasn’t too sweet. Finally I had a cup of organic tea with the cookies.

Absolute Fit FoodAbsolute Fit Food

I never thought that eating healthy, organic superfood meals can make me feel full. Absolute Fit Food has now become my choice for healthy meals. I highly recommend you to visit their Chef’s table and talk to their Program Consultant to see how you can stay healthy by eating tasty meals that keep you full and contain all the essential nutrients you need.

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Absolute Fit Food 

3rd Floor, The Portico, Langsuan, Bangkok
Tel: +668 1371 3721
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