Sunday Brunch at J’AIME by Jean Michel Lorain – Love at First Taste

Update: Starting 26 June 2016, this Sunday brunch will be ended. New Sunday brunch concept will start on Sunday, 31 July 2016.

Stepping into J’AIME by Jean Michel Lorain, its elegant décor will probably put you in awe. The upside-down concept in its design is fascinating. Those reversed columns and the glowing piano seem to boldly suggest an unconventional dining experience at J’AIME. To us, this upside-down theme is a big grin and nod to the Sunday brunch concept recently introduced by J’AIME – a Sunday brunch that you can dine like a king with all fine French dishes served to your table without hassles and queues.

Sitting at the dining table, it was delightful to see a lazy Susan with all the cups atypically placed like an inverted chandelier, an artistic Asian touch that pronounces another novel concept of the Sunday brunch at J’AIME – the happiness of sharing.

Before indulging in this exclusive feast of the finest French cuisine, we had a glass of Chandon sparkling wine, an aperitif wine with a soft, generous palate and a crisp finish. It is an unparalleled way to start a chillaxing Sunday brunch. We were ready to enjoy the finest Sunday with Michelin-starred French cuisine.

J’AIME Sunday brunch menu is very straightforward, with delicate selection of delicatessen and appetizers, followed by unlimited choices of sea and land mains, and completed with a selection of signature desserts. Every single dish is crafted to trigger your love for J’AIME at your first sight!

Delicatessen & appetizers:
All delicatessen and appetizers were freshly prepared in the open kitchen, and served on a stylish three-tier curate stand. Each tier featured different appetizers from the brunch menu. The joy of sharing food began with our pleasure in pairing Michel Augier saucisson de Lyon with Chandon sparkling wine. The brilliant idea of presenting the delicatessen and appetizers on a three-tier curate stand successfully translates J’AIME concept on happy sharing at a Sunday brunch into enjoyment for epicures.

Appetizer from the Garden:
Caesar Salad: It was a simple but toothsome dish, with right amount of salad dressing mixed with fresh romaine lettuce and crispy thin-sliced fried bacon. The croutons added extra flavour to the salad satisfactorily.

Appetizer from the Sea:
Oyster Panna cotta and tempura served with a shallot confit and marinated cucumber: The light batter of tempura gave an interesting texture to the oysters, which was still fresh without oil. Spooning the oyster, panna cotta and shallot confit in one bite, we are sure you will come to the same conclusion like ours – It is an outstanding East-meet-West dish.

A brunch is never a brunch if there is no egg menu. J’AIME attends to egg lovers’ crave and includes three egg dishes in the brunch menu.

Egg yolk confit with fried egg white, cheese fondue and melting pork belly: Its appealing plating resonated its unforgettable taste. Devoured egg yolk lava with the crispy pork belly quieted my palate for scrumptious cuisine.

64°C Egg with lentil salad and cream served with parsley spume: For diners, this is a simple dish. For the Chef, there is a careful calculation of time and temperature in preparing the dish. A sophisticated dish that satisfied our simple enjoyment for a delicious egg.

Bread-crusted soft-boiled egg with cauliflower puree, spinach and raisins: Cutting the egg into half, egg yolk lava oozed out to give a golden touch to the foam, arousing our appetite to the fullest.

Stuffed sous-vide quail with braised garden vegetables and jus brun with tomato water gastrique: This is definitely a love-at-first-bite dish. The quail was cooked just right to bring the authentic flavour of its aromatic flesh with crispy skin. It is a succulent main dish that will leave you with an unforgettable memory.

Pan-seared snapper with ratatouille, potato confit and thyme: Another five-thumbs-up dish that you should not miss. The snapper was beautifully cooked with a crispy crust, with its taste perfectly brought out by the vegetables.

Braised beef cheeks with a carrot fantasy and red wine sauce: The braised beef cheeks just melted in my mouth leaving an aromatic aftertaste. The contrast of deep brown sauce and orange carrot mousseline devilishly delighted my appetite. A dish that you should try, even you may be rather full after tasting the egg menu.

Grilled half lobster à l’américaine: It is a dish that will make you full, while at the same time, allure your desire to crave for more. Every bite of lobster is firm and juicy. When you paired it with Chandon sparkling wine, every bite was fragrant! Irresistible!

The most amazing time at this regal Sunday brunch was the dessert time. Imagine all signature desserts are brought to your table, and literally turn your table to a colourful dessert counter, how would you feel? When we saw all desserts on our table, our hearts raced with excitement!

We started with the fruit salad, followed by the lemon meringue tart and pistachio and raspberry cream, then perfectly ended with French crepes with chocolate sauce. For dessert lovers, it is exactly the moment when you can sweet up your conversation with friends and loved ones with laughter and satisfaction by sharing the delicately made desserts brought to you by J’AIME.

The Sunday brunch menu will change from time to time depending on the produce that can be sourced, ensuring high quality dishes with surprises. To us, J’AIME redefines Sunday brunch concept that can undoubtedly equate with fine dining. We are sure, once you have tried the Sunday brunch at J’AIME, you will definitely love J’AIME at your first taste.

We highly recommend the Sunday brunch at J’AIME by Jean-Michel Lorain to you all.

Sunday brunch with free flow of Chandon sparkling wine: THB 3,999 net/ person & THB 2,999 net/ person without alcohol.

J’AIME by Jean Michel Lorain
Address: 105 Soi Sathon 1, Thung Maha Mek, Sathon, Bangkok 10120
Phone: +662 119 4899
Opening Hours: 12:00 – 2:30 pm, 6:00 – 10:30 pm
Sunday brunch: 12:00 – 3:00 pm


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