Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant

Ah Yat Abalone is a very famous in Hong Kong and in many other countries. Ah Yat is the nickname of the famous Master Chef Yeung Koon Yat, who is also known as the Abalone King. Mr. Yeung is the owner of the renowned Forum Restaurant in Causeway Bay, to which food lovers flock for the famous Ah Yat abalone. The award-winning chef is a World Master of Culinary Arts and belongs to the ex-clusive Club des Chefs des Chefs d’Etat, whose members are chefs who cook for heads of state. 

Having said that, Ah Yat Abalone is one of the Cantonese restaurants that you should not miss in Thailand. Critics have been saying that Ah Yat Abalone branch in Bangkok is far far better than other branches in Southeast Asia. I have tried the one in Malaysia and I could not agree more. You can say I am one of the loyal regulars of Ah Yat Abalone.

Ah Yat Abalone is located at the Ramada Plaza on Charoen Krung Road. If you go there at lunch time, it is usually packed with diners. Why? An offer of 50% off (except Sunday and Public Holidays) is given to all dim sum on their dim sum menu. If you visited Ah Yat Abalone six months ago, you may feel disappointed with their dim sum. However, it is totally different now. An additional dim-sum chef from Hong Kong has been hired to prepare authentic dim sum. Such action excited bother regulars like us and new foodies.
ah yat abalone
With the hit of cream lava buns in Bangkok, Ah Yat has also added it in the dim sum menu. Splitting the bun into two, aroma of the hot, smooth creamy lava of cream, eggs and salted eggs rushes into your nose, stimulating your appetite.

Despite dim sum, congee is also served. One of the most popular kinds of congee is Pork Congee with Preserved Eggs. The congee itself tasted rather plain. The slices of pork were very tender. The overall taste of the congee would be much better if some chicken or pork stock can be used for boiling rice in the preparatory stage.

What you should at least try once at Ah Yat is, of course, their famous abalones. The process for making delicious abalones normally takes days. It is the kind of process that consumes a lot of attention. The abalones should be soaked for seven to ten hours. Then, inside a ceramic pot with a cook-safe bamboo mat placed at the bottom, spare-ribs, abalone and chicken are added in and cooked together for at least eight to fifteen hours (depending on the size of the abalone). Slow cooking is used to ensure the essence of chicken and ribs are absorbed by the abalone.  The best taste of the abalone is the taste of ‘soft-yolk’. It refers to the gluey, delicate and half-liquid texture at the centre of the abalone (the thickest part), which also quite obviously contrasts with the soft, chewy taste at the sides of the abalone. Here, at Ah Yat, the abalone tasted perfect!

Ah Yat is especially popular among Chinese families in Bangkok. To cater for the need of family gatherings, a few set menu for 10 people are designed. Most of them feature both shark’s fin and abalones. Prices vary according to the ingredients used in the menu. If you want to celebrate your grandparent’s birthday, you may consider Ah Yat. However, it is highly recommended to make reservation for a table as it is sometimes very full in the evening.

We highly recommend At Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant to you.

Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant
Address: 2/F Ramada Plaza Menam Riverside Hotel, Charoen Krung Road, Bangkok, Thailand 10120
Telephone: +662 688 1000
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ah-Yat-Abalone-Forum-Restaurant

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