Avanti Italian Restaurant is located at Le Raffles in Narathiwas Soi 24 (or Sadupradit Soi 19). This alley is not long, but is populated with foreigners, residential buildings and a wide variety of restaurants. If you have been to Le Rafffles, you may find it quiet and uninteresting even when all shops are open during day time. At dusk when most shops close, Le Raffles catches people’s eyes. Avanti, like a hidden dazzling ruby, shines through from behind. Although Avanti is at the far end corner, it is just irresistible to not give it a gaze, or even give it a try!

The decor of Avanti is very cozy. Every single inch of the restaurant has gone through careful design to maximize the use of space in the restaurant. The dining area is visually magnified with the brilliant manipulation of interior design, colours and lightings, creating a nice ambience for diners. The clever design of wine room also completes the dining concept of Avanti with a fine selection of wine, tasted and sourced by the owner and the Chef.

Avanti is not just beautiful superficially from the outside, the standard of their dishes excites my taste buds, which has spontaneously translated into a message in my brain – I will come back again for more meals. The sophisticated culinary skills are expressed in each dish. Even the dipping sauce for the freshly baked homemade bread is a result of several small culinary steps taking into consideration of the balance of flavour and texture.

Fresh Australian Black Tomato Bruschetta: It was my first time tasting black tomatoes, which are not found in Thailand. The complex, delightful flavour of this bruschetta was a right blend of the sweetness and acidity of the tomatoes, and other ingredients and seasonings. Believe me, just one bite, you will crave for more.

Yellow Fin Tuna: After I had already been struck with surprises from the homemade bread and bruschetta, the yellow fin tuna hit me in awe both in terms of plating, and its taste. A very palatable dish.

Rocket Salad: The protagonist of this dish is the salad dressing, which was delicately made by the Chef. The sauce did not steal away the original flavours of other ingredients. Instead, it enhanced the taste of the whole dish. A very nice salad to start my dinner.

Romantica Linguine: The linguine was al dente and pleased my palate with rich flavour from the sauce and thinly shredded cheese. It was scrumptious!  What I especially like about this dish is the right amount of sauce used. Every drop of sauce was absorbed by the linguine. A very toothsome dish!

Grilled Lamb Rack: This is a must-try! Tender, juicy lamb without game. To give you a better sense of how tender the lamb was, I would say it melts in your mouth with effortless chews. Perfectly and evenly grilled. An unforgettable dish indeed.

Avanti Pizza with Dual Flavour: A very impressive East-meets-West dish. Thai spicy flavour versus savoury Italian flavour was somehow harmoniously presented to my palate. Very delicious, quality pizza! It in fact explains a lot why Avanti receives so many pizza delivery orders.

Avanti-Styled Tiramisu: No meals are perfect without desserts. This Avanti-styled Tiramisu looks very different from conventional Tiramisu, but you will definitely fall in love with it at your first bite. A spoonful of chocolate ice-cream, plus a little piece of sponge cake layered with aromatic coffee flavour quieted my craving for sweets. It was perfect to complete my whole dining experience at Avanti.

Mousse Del Amore: The Chef explained a sophisticated molecular-gastronomic skill in preparing the chocolate mousse, which takes at least a day to make it smooth and delectable. Although I did not understand well about the culinary techniques, I only know one thing about this dish – it is heavenly delicious.

You may think that Avanti is another restaurant for formal fine dining, I agree you may reach such conclusion when you see the photos above, but you are totally wrong. Avanti is very homey and children-friendly. Your children will surely love to make their own pizza.

Another selling point of Avanti is their unbeatable price. I am sure you could hardly find another Italian restaurant in Bangkok that serves high-quality dishes at an affordable price. The yellow fin tuna costs only THB 335 ++ and the delicious lamb rack costs only THB 755++. Their 7-course dinner set, which changes from time to time according to the seasonal produce, costs only THB 890++.

We have been to Avanti and will return for more enjoyable meals. We highly recommend Avanti to you all!

For more photos of Avanti, please visit Avanti Gallery.

Avanti Italian Restaurant
Address: Le Raffles 311/1 Narathiwas 24 – Sathupradit 19, Bangkok, Thailand
Tel: +662 674 3413
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/avanti.italian.restaurant
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, 1500 – 2300 hours (Close on Sundays)

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