Baannai The Reminiscence Hotel & Restaurant is a visual memoir of three single Baannai Ladies who had lived in the same house decades ago. Taking into consideration the genuine life stories and memories of the three ladies, Baannai The Reminiscence Hotel & Restaurant has been reconstructed to depict the fascinating, timeless memory of old Bangkok. From each detail of the house to a dish served to a dining table, the life ever happened at Baannai has, once again, vividly brought to the experience of the visitors.

Baannai The Reminiscence Hotel & Restaurant Baannai The Reminiscence Hotel & Restaurant

The History

Originally, this vast land adjacent to the train station belonged to Praya Ronnachai Charnyut (Thanom Bunyaketu), the regent of Roi-Et Precinct, and Mrs Ronnachai Charnyut (Tubtim Bunyaketu). Baannai was the most inner house on this land, it is the residence of the Charnyut’s three daughters. 

Baannai The Reminiscence Hotel & Restaurant

“Baannai Ladies” was the term that everyone used to call the three daughters. They were born during the reign of King Rama VI when Siamese nationalism and foreign literature were influencing the country. The lives of Baannai Ladies, therefore, resonated the westernization experienced in Thailand in terms of lifestyle, culture, and politics.

The Contemporary

Baannai’s logo has been designed to represent the love and harmony of Baannai Ladies. Three kinds of flowers, namely aster, jasmine and white rose, are used to symbolize the qualities and virtues of them.

Baannai The Reminiscence Hotel & Restaurant

The newly renovated Baannai keeps the original layout as well as its doors and windows to reminisce the past; the lives of Baannai Ladies are vividly reappeared in front of us through a collection of household accessories, rare letters, postcards, porcelains, and photos used as interior decoration. This contemporary version of Baannai gives visitors a glimpse of the past and an experience of the romantic, noble life of the Baannai Ladies.

Baannai The Reminiscence Hotel & RestaurantBaannai The Reminiscence Hotel & RestaurantBaannai The Reminiscence Hotel & RestaurantBaannai The Reminiscence Hotel & Restaurant

Tasting Menu

This tasting menu is literally a collection of Thai history and culture – delicate and beautiful. As there are 17 courses with quite a heavy emphasis on rice and noodles, a petit lady may feel full in the middle of the meal. I would recommend you not to savour alone!

-Our Dining experience: 17-course Thai Tasting Menu

A lot of dishes are what people ate during the old-time Thailand. For local Thai in their 70s, these dishes absolutely make them think of their childhood. A good example is Khao Prik and Glua, which was the kind of light meal people used to carry with them when they were travelling far from home. To ensure the authenticity of the Thai food served at Baannai, the hotel owner’s old aunt, who has learnt how to cook Thai cuisine when working at a royal family, helps to run the kitchen with the chef. The intention to turn this tasting menu into a gourmet experience of Thai history delighted me a lot!

Overall speaking, the taste of this tasting menu was authentic. Using quality ingredients with organic vegetables grown in the garden of Baannai, each dish tasted flavoursome. Dishes are presented in nostalgic dishware that effortlessly relates me back to the old times. I especially like the hearty serving portion which was fulfilling and definitely satisfied me without an empty stomach.

-The taste

Among all the dishes tasted, I love Khao Dang Nue Puu. The dipping sauce was full of fresh crab meat! It’s a pleasing appetizer to enjoy with the cocktail. Ma Hor was another delicacy that I was impressed of. This traditional Thai delicacy is no foreign to me. In many other restaurants, it is served with pineapple. Here at Baannai, Ma Hor was made of a hearty slice fresh, juicy orange. It delighted my palate a lot!

Baannai The Reminiscence Hotel & Restaurant

Among all the dishes in this tasting menu, there was a dish that I hadn’t tried before in Thailand. It’s Khao Yum Buu Duu. This dish was served in a yellow stainless steel container that was usually used by local Thai family in the old times. It’s absolutely a healthy but fulfilling dish. Various kinds of spices and fresh ingredients were provided. We mixed the rice and the ingredients together with a special sauce. It was delicious!

-The dishes

(1) Mocktail / Cocktail

(2) Khao Dang Nue Puu

Baannai The Reminiscence Hotel & Restaurant

(3) Plaa Heang Deang Moo

(4) Ma Hor

(5) Mieng Kham

Baannai The Reminiscence Hotel & Restaurant

(6) Mee Krop

(7) Yum Dok Mai

(8) Kratong Thong

(9) Satay Nue (beef)

Baannai The Reminiscence Hotel & Restaurant

(10) Khao Prik and Glua


(11) Khao Niao Muu Deang Gun Chiang

Baannai The Reminiscence Hotel & Restaurant

(12) Khao Yum Buu Duu

Baannai The Reminiscence Hotel & Restaurant

(13) Phad Thai

Baannai The Reminiscence Hotel & Restaurant

(14) Tom Yum Kung

Baannai The Reminiscence Hotel & Restaurant

(15) Khao Phad Nam Prik Long Rua

Baannai The Reminiscence Hotel & Restaurant

(16) Rama Long Sarong Muu

Baannai The Reminiscence Hotel & Restaurant

(17) Khao Niao Mamuang

Baannai The Reminiscence Hotel & Restaurant

Who in Gourmet Bangkok team experienced the Thai tasting menu?

Chelsea Chan ~ A food lover, golfer, fun lover, and adventurer
Chelsea ChanChelsea was born in Hong Kong and is a genuine food lover. Her palate is especially sharp on Cantonese food, delicacies from Hong Kong and meat (especially beef, chicken and lamb). She is able to taste how the food is cooked and prepared. Besides, she is also a pro buffet gourmet because of her unlimited appetite. When she says ‘too sweet’, it may not be sweet for you as her preference for chocolate is 72++ dark chocolate.

Will Gourmet Bangkok recommend Baannai?

With such a beautiful background of the venue, Baannai should be listed as one of the must-try restaurants in Bangkok.

The beauty of Baannai comes from its historical significance and beautiful life stories of Baannai Ladies  ~ Chelsea

Where is Baannai The Reminiscence Hotel & Restaurant?

Baannai The Reminiscence Hotel & Restaurant
Address: 102/13 Kampangpetch 5 Rd., Samsennai, Phayathai, Bangkok 10400
Phone: +662 649 7430

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