Be Organic by Lemon Farm, The Portico, Langsuan

As the Thais are getting more and more health-conscious, more and more restaurants on healthy food and fruit juices are opening in the city. Be Organic by Lemon Farm is a new restaurant & supermarket which sells only organic food. Located on the ground floor of The Portico, Be Organic by Lemon Farm was quite eye-catching. The see-through windows allow you to see the simplicity of the place. The supermarket part sells quite a lot of different kinds of food, from fresh organic fish to organic rice and massage oils, can be found. Organic fruit juices that may not be available even in Foodland and Villa Market are available here.

The restaurant itself faces Soi Langsuan with the street view that allows you to watch people while having your healthy meal.

I have visited Be Organic for a few times, what impresses me most is not the salmon rice or other hot dishes. I must say the best fruit juice is available here. Why? I always order an Antioxidant juice, which is a mixture of carrot, lime, pineapple and green apple. They use a very professional and highly-powered blender to make the juice for the customers. Slices of pineapples, carrots and green apples are put into the blender, no ice, water and sugary syrup are added at all. What you get in your glass is 100% real veggie juices blended so smoothly without any artificial taste of ice, water or sugar.  It costs only 85 Baht, a very good deal actually.

Another impressive dish is the salad. Their salad is quite unique, some of them is a fusion of ‘east meets west’. Just as what I ordered below:-

It is tofu salad with organic vegetables and Japanese salad sauce. The tofu is just slightly deep-fried, making a crispy crust of the soft tofu. The vegetables is organic. In fact, I can’t really taste out the difference between organic and non-organic veggies, but I feel safe when eating it. The sauce is very slightly salty with vinegar. Amazingly it goes so well with the salad. The portion is quite big, so it can make your stomach full quite easily, which is perfect for those who want to lose weight healthily.

Be Organic always provide three kinds of healthy soup for diners to choose. The soup is always served hot with a few pieces of toast. I especially like their Organic Pumpkin Soup, which is creamy with originally taste of pumpkin.

Want to change your diet and try out healthy delicious food, Be Organic by Lemon Farm may be one of your choices.

Be Organic by Lemon Farm
Address: Ground Floor, The Portico, Soi Langsuan
Tel: 02-658-1975
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