It’s 38 degree in Bangkok now, the real-feel is 45, especially when I stand on the street for just 3 seconds, the blazing heat is slaying my skin hard! I really need to cool myself down. At 15:00 hours now, I really hope to sip a nice coffee in an air-conditioned cafe with some nice food. Not knowing where I should go, I randomly walk into Emquartier, a place I am sure I can find a nice cafe!

Walking into Emquartier from Sukhumvit Road, I find D’ark. At my super high speed, though it’s slower than usual due to the heat, I rush into D’ark! Ooooh! This is it! Let start cooling here by ordering a shot of espresso!

Now, I feel much much better! The coffee is very aromatic, really perfect to wake up my heavy head!

I sometimes complain about summer. It is the season when all my appetite is lost. I am not sure if God love me so much that He don’t want me to eat too much during summer so that I can spare immense appetite for winter when I am back to Hong Kong. Anyway, why not start my dinner early then?

First, let me have a chilled sparkling wine!

Browsing through the menu, I decide to order three dishes – a soup, dessert and main course. Too much for a tiny lady? Not at all! You know, all food bloggers can eat a lot! I am especially gifted by God with a super elastic stomach. I know, I know! Don’t feel jealous of me!


To perfectly end my meal, I will of course have a dessert! Yes, a dessert for only myself! Don’t judge me! Terminology and phrases like ‘calories’, ‘gaining weight’. ‘obesity’, ‘diabetes’, you name it do not exist in my dictionary!

Oh! I am now full with satisfaction! Turning a super hot day into a super enjoyable day depends so much on where you will spend it! As an epicurean, I love to choose quality places! Here now, I have mapped ‘D’ark Emquartier” into my food geography of Bangkok!

D’ark Emquartier
Address Ground Floor, EmQuartier, Bangkok
Phone: +662 003 6013
Opening hours: 10:00-22:00 hours
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