Saladee, Silom Plaza, Silom Road

Silom Plaza was once a famous hangout place. If I am not wrong, that’s around 20 years ago. Now, unless we mention Thai Airways Town Office, no one really knows Silom Plaza. Silom Plaza is a little China Town, with 4 Chinese restaurants on the ground floor. During lunch time and dinner time, many Chinese families come to have meals with their family members. With the Cafe Democ moved into Silom Plaza from Victory monument, Silom Plaza is drawing more and more attention from young people. Among all restaurants on the ground floor, there is a newly opened Japanese cafe and restaurant – Saladee.


Saladee is opened by a Japanese lady, who is a writer. The cafe is decorated in a simple Japanese style. The cafe is opened since morning until 10pm whereas the restaurant is opened from 6pm. The cafe itself offers coffee and tea with simple snacks such as sandwiches and salad.


Since Saladee aims mainly Japanese guests, their menu is in Japanese and English only. Although the waiters and waitresses are local Thai. Being led by a Japanese writer, the shop including the kitchen is set up systematically, things are properly stored in boxes. It was my first time seeing such a neat kitchen.


The cuisine offered here is Japanese and western. I ordered a rocket salad and a lamb chop. Just imagine yourself having a lamb chop in a tiny Chinese town is quite fun. The salad was very fresh with a special Japanese style salad sauce which is a mixture of mild taste of sour-sweet. The lamb chop was not expensive at all but the quality was very nice. The lamb itself was juicy with tenderness. Since I went inside with a starving stomach, I ordered 2 lamb chop to fulfill my craving. The smashed potato was also impressive. It’s so creamy and rich of sweetness of potato.


If one day when you walk into Silom Plaza and do not want to have any Chinese food, walk into Saladee! You will be impressed by this little gem in Silom Plaza.

G/F, Silom Plaza, Silom Road, Yannawa, Bangkok

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