Celadon, The Sukhothai Bangkok – The best restaurant for traditional Thai cuisine in Bangkok

Gourmet Bangkok would like to introduce an outstanding restaurant for traditional Thai cuisine in Bangkok. It is the Celadon of the Sukhothai Bangkok, which has been internationally recognized for its authenticity in Thai cuisine. You may have already known this restaurant quite well if you are a frequent traveller to Bangkok. For me. if this restaurant is ranked number two, I am quite sure it may take me decades to think which Thai restaurant should be ranked number one. Why is the Celadon one of the best Thai restaurant in Bangkok? Let’s explore it together.

Why Celadon is the best restaurant for traditional Thai cuisine?

Tastiness 90%
Recipes 95%
Ambience 90%
Service 90%
Value for Money 95%

Our Dining Experience at Celadon

Ambience of the Celadon

1. Situated in two elegant Thai-style pavilions
2. Surrounded by a tranquil lotus pond, denoting a sense of gracefulness
3. Contemporary decor with a hint of fine-dining flair.

Traditional Thai cuisine perfectly combined with fine-dining flair

All dishes are made with the best ingredients with original flavours that ideally rounded all tastes in forming delectable traditional Thai dishes.

Pomelo Salad, Grilled Chicken and Prawns
(Thai name: Yam Som-O Gai Kub Goong)
The succulent flesh of pomelo added mild sweetness and a very slight sourish smack taste to the dish. With the aroma of coconut , this salad was very refreshing and appetizing.

The Celadon Appetizer Selection
(Thai name: Khong Waang Celadon)
It’s a kind of royal Thai cuisine with eye-pleasing plating. The steamed rice dumpling with minced fish (the white dumpling in the picture) impressed me the most. The minced fish dumpling tasted simple but was intense and flavoursome enough to savour it without any additional sauce or seasoning. I also like the shrimp cake, which was crunchy without unwanted oil. The pandan chicken struck me with surprise! Aromatic pandan leaves wrapped around chunks of coconut-milk-marinated chicken. The chicken tasted very tender and juicy with a hint of satisfying pandan aroma.

Deep-fried Garoupa in three-flavoured sauce
(Thai name: Plagao Thod Tang-Dtua)
How the Chef deep-fried the garoupa to make this smiley curve  is still puzzling me. What impressed me most was the sauce at the bottom of the dish. The sweet chilli sauce did not contain much oil. The mouthfeel is clean with freshness and tenderness of the fish. A brilliant dish that explicitly proved the culinary skills of the Chef.

Traditional fried rice noodles with tamarind, bean sprouts, garlic chives, crab meat and grilled prawn
(Thai name: Phad Thai Nueapoo Goong Maenaam yang)
This dish put me in awe. Delicately prepared with layers of tastes and textures, this simple dish that you can easily find in Bangkok became sophisticated. Mixed aromas of grilled river prawn, dried shrimp, special Phad Thai sauce and fried crab meat stimulated your nostrils. It’s a dish that will change your perception about Phad Thai. To me, it’s an enjoyment for my taste buds.

Golden tamarind sorbet
This sorbet was full of tamarind. I believe it was the best choice to end my lunch with the natural sweet-sour taste of tamarind. It looked simple but was elegantly presented in a lotus-shaped plate.

Deep-fried banana wrapped with young green rice with coconut ice-cream
(Thai name: Khaomao Thod Ice-cream Kati)
This dessert is an ancient, traditional Thai dessert that is not easily found. Glua Khai  (Lady Finger Banana) is chosen and wrapped inside a layer of green rice batter (khaomao). Crispy on the outside while soft and semi-creamy on the inside matched very well with the intense coconut-flavoured ice-cream. It’s a very nice dessert that I am very certain you can hardly find in any other Thai restaurants.

Attentive Service at Celadon

How attentive is the service at Celadon

The Sukhothai Bangkok
Address: 13/3 South Sathorn Road, Bangkok 10120
Phone: +662 344 8888
Website: http://www.sukhothai.com/celadon-,cuisine_viewItem_1-en.html

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