Delicatezza Baan Phra-Athit, Phra Athit Road

Delicatezza caught local foodies attention around 30 years ago. The soul of Delicatezza is Ms. Zariya Charoenphol, a Thai woman who opened Delicatezza in Thonglor totally out of her passion in Italian cuisine after years of living in Italy. Her devotion made her a successful female chef. Ever since Ms. Charoenphol split up with her business partner of Delicatezza in Thonglor Soi 10, and opened another Delicatezza on Phra Athit Road,  I followed the soul of this outstanding restaurant for the unique taste that I always love.

Despite the change of the location, this Delicatezza reminds me quite a lot of joyful dining time at Ms. Charoenphol’s first establishment. Dark wooden dining tables and chairs with white table cloth. Tableware is engraved with the logo of Delicatezza. Artistic pictures are hung on the wall. The decoration is simple but very comfy and relaxing.

On the day of my visit, I ordered quite a lot of dishes. One of the most unforgettable dishes was the Wagyu Marble 4-5 tenderloin. The excitement of enjoying this dish started when I cut it with my steak knife. It was so tender that I can cut slices of it effortlessly. It’s like cutting a banana. By the time a slice of the steak was in your mouth, it melted and released rich juicy flavour to excite your taste buds. It was of so high quality that no sauce is needed to add extra flavours. What impressed me was that it was cooked as per my preference – medium rare. It was an outstanding experience on quality steak. I would say it was cooked far better than some of the steakhouses in Bangkok.

Two dishes of spaghetti were also ordered – spaghetti with mushrooms and ham in tomato sauce and spaghetti with seafood and chillies. Despite the fact that fresh local produce was used in these dishes, the flavour of the dishes was very unique. The spaghetti was al dente and flavourful. I especially like the spaghetti with seafood and chillies. It was a well-balanced dish of Italian and Thai cuisines. The chillies gave stimulating aroma while adding Asian flavour to the Italian dish.

Another dish that impressed me was the mussels in tomato sauce. I emptied the whole pot of mussels with high satisfaction. The soul of this dish was the sauce, which was so aromatic and full of flavours of different herbs and fresh tomatoes. It gave sharp stimulation to both senses of smell and taste. Besides, the sauce was a great dip for their warm soft bread. It was a very delicious dish.

When dining at Delicatezza, you should never miss their desserts, especially their homemade gelato. The flavour that I love most is also a flavour that you cannot find in any Italian restaurants in town. It’s chestnut. The homemade ice-cream looked very simple, but you will never forget its flavour. The ice-cream itself was full of natural chestnut flavour! Its sweetness was just right. It ended my meal perfectly.

We highly recommend Delicatezza Baan Phra-Athit to you! We are sure you will become one of their returning diners, like us!

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Delicatezza Baan Phra Athit
Address: 102/1 Phra-Arthit Road, Bangkok, Thailand 10200
Telephone: 02 629 5775
Opening hours: 11:30 am – 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm – 11:00 pm daily
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