Eat Me Art Restaurant, Soi Convent, Silom

Eat Me, located in Soi of Soi Convent in Silom area, has always been receiving outstanding compliments from all their diners. Even first-time diners give Eat Me remarkable comments, making it getting more and more renowned among the list of Bangkok restaurants.  On Trip Advisor, Eat Me is ranked number 18 out of the 1,497 restaurants in Bangkok. Honestly, I love this restaurant a lot for 4 reasons – good service, good food, good value and good atmosphere.

As the name suggested, Eat Me is artistically decorated combining simple furniture and concept of art gallery together. The ground floor is a spacious bar that can accommodate a party of more than 50 people. The dining area is on the second floor where both indoor and outdoor areas are provided for diners. The indoor dining area is dimly lit providing a romantic atmosphere for couples to enjoy their nights. To cater their diners, this floor is rather packed since dining tables are placed quite close to one another. May be it’s the reason why the light is dim.

The service is comparable to that in a hotel. Waiters are all very attentive. They are eager to recommend dishes to diners and what wine to pair with the food. The service further put you in a classy dining experience, making it a perfect place for dating.

The food is amazingly good. I had lamb rack and pork chop. The taste was very good! But what really impressed me is the size of the pork chop, a popular dish at Eat Me. It’s a jumbo size. Although it is difficult to cook well due to the size, the chef handled it excellently keeping the pork chop tender and juicy and paired with appetite stimulating sauce.

As for the price, it is not over-priced but you shouldn’t expect it to be cheap due to the quality of food and service.

I recommend Eat Me to you!

Eat Me Art Restaurant
LAST ORDER  Full Kitchen & Bar Until 1am.

RESERVATION LINE   +66 22380931


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