The facade of Freebird - where's the door? An unconventional design with an open kitchen and coffee corner in the front.

Freebird – best restaurant for modern Australian cuisine in Bangkok

Freebird is nestled deep into Sukhumvit Soi 47, a residential alley with modern condominiums and old-styled townhouses. Even it’s your very first time going to Freebird, you will never miss its premises which pronouncedly contrasts its surrounding, radiating a rustic charm that melts away exhaustion of urban life. Once you walk towards the garden behind the restaurant, you will immediately realize why the restaurant is named ‘Freebird’. Natural orchestra of singing birds in the garden halts your daytime worries and hassles, soothing your mood and spirit. In an instant, you find yourself in a tranquil oasis far away from your busy city life. The logo of Freebird is also attractive. It symbolizes liberation from boundary; a desire for betterment; and a kind of forward-looking attitude. All these characteristics are exactly what I have experienced when enjoying dinner at Freebird where genuine modern Australian cuisine is served.

The facade of Freebird – where’s the door? An unconventional design with an open kitchen and coffee corner in the front.

The design of Freebird?

The notion of liberation from the boundary is first witnessed in the design of the restaurant. My eyes were on stalks the moment I saw Freebird in front of me. How did they find this big house? Who’s so gifted to turn an old house into an architectural beauty? Instead of a glass door with a ‘Welcome’ sign, an open kitchen effortlessly captures the attention of passers-by. Actions of chefs in the open kitchen are so inviting. The coffee corner beside it lures pedestrians with the aroma of roasted coffee. The interior design of Freebird demonstrates designer’s unique taste and concept of space, which naturally creates distinct dining areas for different social functions. Contemporary art pieces embellish the rustic building with a modern feel.

If technology allows camera to capture the aroma, you will immediately understand why we are addicted to this uniquely tasted white flat coffee


Homey dining area

A lovely bar table
A lovely bar table


A lovely library on the second floor serving purposes for meeting and private dining
A dining corner adjacent to the Chef’s Table. It’s my favourite dining table!

What is modern Australian cuisine?

The cuisine reflects the broad influences of a richly multicultural society. Elements of British heritage are visible but are joined by a range of flavors and cooking techniques from around the world. Through experimentation a style of cooking that knows no boundaries has emerged. It is a process of merging cultures, evolving, adapting and looking for new influences, resulting in distinctive recipes in terms of taste and use of ingredients. At Freebird, every dish has embraced these ideas to generate a new social dining experience that no other restaurants in Bangkok can offer. Because of this boundless evolution of recipes, Freebird does not have signature dishes. Instead, diners experience never-ending evolving cuisine at Freebird. As advised by Chef Dallas Cuddy, ‘Freebird‘s menu has been changed several times within a month’s time since its opening.’

How's my dinner? Terrific!

We highly recommend you to try the tasting menu – A Taste of Freebird. If you are indecisive in choosing dishes, you can totally leave this task to Chef Dallas. For me, I always enjoy spontaneous surprises, I am very happy to be liberated from the traditional order-taking process and fully rely on Chef Dallas’s professional mix-and-match dish choices for my dinner. To further perfect your dining experience, try also their Sommakase menu for wine-pairing recommendation by the sommelier.

[On the day of our visit, I enjoyed ‘A Taste of Freebird’  dinner and a 3-flight Sommakase menu with my cameraman]

From ‘To Start’ Menu (4 starters/ diner to be served):

(1) Freshly shucked oyster with kombu-infused vinegar and apple
The contrast of apple and oyster created an interesting mouthfeel. The Japanese touch of kombu-infused vinegar added wonder to the freshness and taste of oyster.

(2) Organic sea urchin with flaxseed cracker, parmesan, and sea grapes
Chef Dallas played around the concept of contrast, the combination of brainy, creamy sea urchin and nutty, crispy flaxseed cracker was surprisingly delightful to the palate.

(3) Duck liver parfait profiterole with truffle honey and macadamia milk
This dessert-like starter breaks through the stereotypical perception of a savory starter. Layers of taste were obvious on the palate. Mild sweetness from the truffle honey contrasted with smooth savory duck liver parfait. Lovely!
(4) Shaved squid with oyster cream, cucumber juice, and seaweed butter
The beautiful plating was pleasing to the eyes. However, in order to get the best taste of the dish, as recommended by Chef Dallas, mix all ingredients together! The magic of cucumber juice gave incredible freshness to the shaved squid.

(5) Grilled duck hearts with eggplant miso, blueberries, and white radish
This was the most interesting starter. Duck hearts are rarely chosen as the main ingredient in a dish, not even in Chinese cuisine. Chef Dallas boldly used duck hearts and cooked them at perfection. No gamey smell, no gummy texture at all. The grilled duck hearts were springy and tender! This dish confirms Chef Dallas’s amazing creativity and talents in cuisine.

Sommelier’s recommended wine:  Pikes Clare Valley Riesling 2015 – Australia
It’s fresh, crisp and dry. The palate is brimming with the lemon or lime characters. Before drinking, smell and fill your nostrils with its aroma! A wise choice to match with my starters as it’s very light and easy to drink.

From ‘Small Plate’ Menu (2 dishes/ diner to be served):

(1) Fresh ricotta cavatelli with roasted and raw beetroot, marjoram and whey, paired with (2) Iceberg lettuce with buttermilk dressing, pearl barley, radish and quinoa 
The contrast of cavatelli and iceberg lettuce in terms of texture and temperature delighted my palate.  Simple dishes instantly became sophisticated in terms of mouthfeel and taste.

From ‘Meat & Fish’ Menu (1 main/diner to be served):

(1) Hamachi with blue swimmer crab, tarragon, roasted corn, yuzu kosho and dashi, served with Heirloom tomatoes with basil, whipped curd and gazpacho vinaigrette
This dish is highly recommended! This hamachi fish, commonly known as Japanese Yellowtail, contains perfect umami taste. It has to be cooked sous vide at 62 degree to retain its vibrant color and briny juices. The sous vide hamachi produces a soft texture that is unparalleled in traditional cooking. If you sits at the Chef’s Table like us, you will see how the chefs prepare the hamachi fish. <<Watch our video to see it>>
Chef Dallas then seared the skin side of the hamachi fillet, making it very crispy and perfect enough to be even named ‘the bacon of the sea’. What’s delightful to my taste buds was the chilli powder, which was evenly sprinkled on the crispy fish skin! The mouthfeel and aftertaste were impressive. Eating a piece of tender hamachi with a bite of spicy crispy fish skin, plus a slight dip of hot dashi instantly confirmed my high recognition of Chef Dallas’s culinary creativity and skills.
Sommelier’s recommended wine:  2014 Si Vintners White Margaret River – Australia
I like this wine choice for the hamachi fish. It’s fruity with a hint of lemon and green apple flavours. It’s very crispy in texture and very refreshing!
(2) Slow cooked kurobuta pork collar with pistachio, green olive puree, and fennel
Kurobuta pork collar was cooked to its perfection. Every cut was effortless. Chopped pistachio gave extra aroma and texture to the juicy pork collar. Both the pistachio and green olive puree gave adequate saltiness to the pork. A very nice dish!!
Sommelier’s recommended wine:  Sidre Brut Eric Bordelet – France
A classic dry cider, tender or mellow in the mouth, yet also lively with plenty of acidity and extremely refreshing and hints of apple! Lovely!

From ‘Dessert’ Menu (1 dish/ diner to be served):

(1) Blackberry ice cream with candied buckwheat, vanilla cream, and meringue
This dessert caught my eyes! Very beautifully presented! As I had it after savouring the pork collar, I found this dessert a nice balance to my whole dining experience.

(2) Lime leaf posset with whipped coconut, honeydew melon, and elderflower
This dessert is devilish tasty! The lime leaf posset was very aromatic and refreshing. It surprisingly matched very well with whipped coconut and melon. It ended my dinner perfectly!

If you would like to experience modern Australian cuisine and escape from a busy day, Freebird is your first choice in town!

We highly recommend Freebird to you all! Watch our dining experience below:

Address: 28 Sukhumvit Soi 47, Bangkok Thailand 10110
Phone: +662 662 4936
Instagram: @Freebirdbkk

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