The Best Restaurant by Chaopraya – Mango Tree on the River

Pioneering Thai restaurant operator, Mango Tree Worldwide, is leading a campaign to discover the “roots” of southern Thai culinary culture ahead of bringing the “fruits” of its learnings to the world later this year. A total of 15 chefs came from Mango Tree Worldwide came to the South of Thailand, learning from local communities who live in a genuinely sustainable way inspired by the teachings of the late King Rama IX.

During the time in the south, the group worked with local fishermen and farmers to understand the true essence and heart of Southern Thai culinary culture through a series of workshops to learn about native ingredients, cooking techniques and most importantly their cultural context.

Because of this trip, Mango Tree Worldwide will introduce the menu crafted by these talented chefs. Luckily, we have had a sneak peek of these Southern Thai dishes.

Indulged in the beautiful view of River Chao Praiya, we began our evening with some healthy cocktail. Watching the sunset by the river, enjoying a meal of Southern Thai dishes, it was definitely an unforgettable evening.

Mango Tree on the River

We especially like the Tumeric Fried Sand Whiting Fish, Sand Whiting Fish is a unique harvest from the South of Thailand. It was perfectly fried to reach crispiness on the outside and juiciness on the inside. Another dish that is unforgettable is Crab Leg, Crab Roe & Chaiya Salted Egg Relish, which was best for savouring with rice. It was well balanced with all five flavours!

The Southern Journey


Stewed Turmeric Eggs

The stew was flavoursome, very rich in herbs and spices. The egg was boiled in the stew for just right amount of time. Time was controlled so perfectly that the egg yolk was not hardened. A simple Thai delicacy became a bite of unforgettable memory.

Turmeric Fried Sand Whiting Fish

Char-grilled Golek Chicken Skewer

Sand Whiting Fish is a unique kind of fish found in the South of Thailand. It’s a small fish but tastes delicate.  The sand whiting fish was fried to reach the wonderful crispiness on the outside, leaving its juiciness on the inside. It would be lovelier to savour this little fish with a tankard of beer. The chicken skewer was also a wonderful match.


Spicy ‘Mud’ Squid Ink Rice

This traditional dish is known as ‘Khao Yum’. It is a rice salad and nearly ubiquitous in the South. This dish was made of squid ink rice with julienned herbs and vegetables. It’s refreshing.

Crab Leg, Crab Roe & Chaiya Salted Egg Relish

MaMa Mia!! This dish is just like something coming down from heaven! A full mouth of fresh crab with the curry sauce full of flavours. The gimmick of this dish is the use of salted egg, adding an extra layer of aroma and pleasing flavours.

Aunty Kanya’s Shrimp Paste Hot & Sour Soup

This dish is a traditional Southern Thai cuisine. For people who do not like shrimp paste. This hot and sour soup was strong in flavour. It’s best to enjoy with a bowl of steaming rice.


Chaiya Salted Egg Ice Cream

Brown Sugar Cheesecake

The dessert ended the dinner with satisfaction. It was sweet enough to leave an unforgettable memory.

Preserved Nipa Palm Fruit

Mango Tree on the River

Who in Gourmet Bangkok team experienced Mango Tree on the River?

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Where is Mango Tree on the River?

Mango Tree on the River
Address: 240 Khwaeng Wang Burapha Phirom, Khet Phra Nakhon, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10200
Phone: +662 110 0820

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