8-course dinner by Michelin Star Chef Carles Gaig, At Uno Mas, Centara Grand at Central World, 9-11 March 2016

Michelin Star Chef Carles Gaig, the Chef Patron of the Michelin-starred Fonda Gaig restaurant in Barcelona, Spain, has been devoting for more than 40 years to his culinary career. Among local Spanish, no one does not know Chef Carles Gaig. He has been highly regarded as a legend for Catalan cuisine as he always attempts to preserve authenticity of Catalan roots by using many of his grandmother’s recipes. He has successfully earned his fame and recognition of such effort from Catalans all over the world while at the same time introducing authentic Catalan cuisine to foreigners like us.

Now you do not need to fly all the way to Barcelona to experience the classic Catalan dishes. At this very moment of speaking until 11 March 2016, Chef Carles Gaig has already come to Bangkok as a guest chef to showcase authenticity of Catalan cuisine at Uno Mas, Centara Grand at Central World. An eight-course set menu for evening dinner is brought to gastronomes in Bangkok at THB 3,900++/person. Special offer for food and beverage package is offered to foodies at THB 4,900 Net on 10 March 2016.

We were thrilled to experience such authentic Spanish cuisine at Uno Mas last night on 9 March 2016. Located high on the 54th floor of the Centara Grand at Central World, Uno Mas offers you a breath-taking bird eye’s view of Bangkok. Great view and good food, a night that we would never forget!
Our journey of tasting authentic Catalonian cuisine started with a special welcome drinks – traditional Sangria with cinnamon.
Then a basket of warm homemade bread was served to us. The freshly made bread was served with olive oil. As a bakery lover, I so absent-mindedly ate a few pieces, totally forgetting that I was about to enjoy 8 scrumptious courses! But, it’s really hard to stop!
By the time I realized that I should stop craving for the delicious bread, our first course – Cod Fritters Catalan Style was served. This dish has been complimented as the best in Barcelona! Mashed cod fish was finely done and fried just right to not making it oily!
Second course: Oysters in fine ‘escabeche’ and vegetables
I looove this appetizing dish! Oysters were juicy and plump, freshly shucked on a plate with some light fresh gelatin seasoning. They had an distinctive aftertaste that matched very well with the recommended pairing wine – Waltraud Riesling, Torres, Penedes DO 2012.
Third course: Puff pastry with roasted vegetables ‘escalivada‘ and fresh lobster
Firm lobster meat (half a lobster) was neatly placed on fine puff pastry. The pastry was quite crumbly, but surprisingly did magic by adding some kind of baking-aroma to the fresh lobster. Very palatable dish!
Fourth course: The traditional Cannelloni of Carles Gaig with black truffle cream
This dish is a signature dish of Chef Carles Gaig’s. As I understand, the recipe of this dish has never been changed for more than 100 years. To me, this dish was amazing as it required quite some time to cook. Imagine how Chef Carles Gaig packed the pasta tube with a mixture of meat, while keeping the thinly-kneaded pasta smooth and unbroken. He obviously has the skills. If it was in my hands, I would doubt how many thin pieces of pasta I would need to make a Cannelloni. The truffle cream added another unforgettable layer of flavour! OMG! Can I have more please?
Fifth course: Seafood paella with prawns and baby squids
In a Spanish meal, of course, we should have paella! Squids were chopped finely and cooked with well-moistened rice. The whole dish confirmed an intense taste of seafood! By this time, I was quite full.
Sixth course: Black cod fish with ‘Samfaina’
I love this dish most! The black cod fish was cooked just right to keep its smoothness and tenderness! It was served with piquant bed of samfaina, a Catalonia style vegetable ragout. The pairing wine – Vina Esmeralda, Torres, Catalunya DO 2013 Moscatel, Gewurztraminer was a nice pick to further bring out the freshness of the cod fish.
Seventh course: Boneless lamb leg Catalan style
Here we are, the main course! The lamb leg was cooked to its utmost tenderness. I could effortlessly cut the lamb leg into small pieces. Dried apricots and plums were cooked to enhance sweetness to the whole dish. Nice!
Eighth course (dessert): Version of the Catalan cream
This dessert was like melted ice-cream with strong lemon caramel that gave the dessert a citrusy taste. To me, it was too sweet. However, it was lovely to pair it with Cava Marta Reserva Semi Sec, Catalunya – a sparkling dessert wine that was in fact very refreshing.

If you would like to experience this classic Catalan evening dinner by Chef Carles Gaig, book your table now.

We highly recommend this authentic experience of Catalan cuisine at Uno Mas, Centara Grand at Central World.

Uno Mas
Centara Grand at Central World
Address: 54/F, 999/99 Rama I rd. Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Telephone: +662 100 6255
Email at diningcgcw@chr.co.th

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