J’AIME by Jean-Michel Lorain’s Third Anniversary

On the occasion of its third anniversary, J’AIME by Jean-Michel Lorain has created an exclusive 6 or 9-course tasting menu inspired by Michelin-starred Chef Jean-Michel and J’AIME’s head chef Amerigo Sesti. This tasting menu is created based on traditional French-style cuisine from the four corners of France with a creative and futuristic twist. At the invitation of J’AIME by Jean-Michel Lorain, we were fortunate enough to have tried two highlighted dishes from the tasting menu.

J’AIME by Jean-Michel Lorain's Third Anniversary

Creative and futuristic twist seen in the highlighted dishes of the exclusive tasting menu:

  1. Farmed Pork “à la Royale”
  2. Mont Blanc

Farmed Pork “à la Royale”

Every year during the hunting season in France, one of the most popular game meat dishes is hare “à la Royale”. The preparation of this dish is so intricate that it normally takes at least two days to prepare. A perfect “à la Royale” will not require a knife to savour, but a spoon alone will be more than sufficient. In this exclusive tasting menu, Chef Amerigo’s altered the recipe to use farmed pork so as to accommodate the conservative palate of local Thai. Using the same method in preparing the Farmed Pork “à la Royale”, this tailored version perfectly exemplifies what  “à la Royale” should be – soft, tender, and flavoursome. The texture was spot-on with layers of flavours burst in the mouth satisfactorily.

J’AIME by Jean-Michel Lorain's Third Anniversary

Mont Blanc

If you are a true foodie, you should know about this classic French dessert. Chef Jean-Michel’s Mont Blanc is a combination of brown cream, whipped vanilla cream and meringue. Visually, this little white piece of dessert is presented like a snowy mountain with a little French flag (which can also be a Thai flag) printed on it. On the palate, this dessert tasted wonderful with appropriate sweetness and contrasting textures.

J’AIME by Jean-Michel Lorain's Third Anniversary

Other dishes tried at the dinner at J’AIME by Jean-Michel Lorain:

Despite the above main course and dessert savoured at the dinner, we have tried five other dishes which we also found very pleasing.

Plancha seared wild black belly rosefish served with carrot and apple purée, chicken jus and herb oil

This dish was served as an amuse bouche of the dinner. We especially like the complementary flavour of the carrot and apple purée to the seared fish! The savouriness of chicken jus enhanced the overall flavour! Lovely! A really lovely dish to start the dinner!

J’AIME by Jean-Michel Lorain's Third Anniversary

Caramelized onion soup flavoured with daikon and served with Gruyère tuile

The soup itself is vegan-based using daikon without any addition of meat. Taste-wise, it was amazing on the palate. The sweetness of daikon was fully absorbed in the juice. When the hot soup was poured on to the plate, its aroma lingered in the air. It really excited our appetite. The impressive choice of using Gruyère cheese to make the crispy tuile gave a distinctive savouriness without overshadowing the tastes of onion and daikon-flavoured soup. We love it!

J’AIME by Jean-Michel Lorain's Third AnniversaryJ’AIME by Jean-Michel Lorain's Third Anniversary

Warm special Gillardeau oysters served with rye porridge, lettuce purée and crêpes

What a privilege for us to enjoy Gillardeau oyster in this dinner. Its voluptuous, firm, almost crunchy flesh has been praised by gastronomes around the globe. This world-famous oyster was also regarded as the ‘Rolls Royce of French oysters’. Eating the oyster with some rye porridge, lettuce purée and crepes brought a wonderful excitement to the palate. The long nutty flavour of the oyster lingered in the mouth while the rye porridge and lettuce purée enhanced its fresh flavour!

J’AIME by Jean-Michel Lorain's Third Anniversary

Pan-seared crusted Hokkaido scallops with dry bonito and sage served with linen seed and sesame risotto

We especially like it when eating the pan-seared crusted Hokkaido scallop with the sesame risotto together. A complementary flavour was experienced on the palate. The scallop gave an ocean freshness to the risotto while the risotto enhanced the savouriness of the scallop! It’s a dish that I would not decline if a jumbo portion is served to me.

J’AIME by Jean-Michel Lorain's Third Anniversary

Pan-seared veal sweetbread with broccoli declination, rye crumble and Arabica sauce

This veal sweetbread, which is an organ meat, was a real delight in this dinner. It’s crispy on the outside and soft, sweet and tasty on the inside. Eating it with the broccoli and sauce, this sweetbread tasted even more satisfying!

J’AIME by Jean-Michel Lorain's Third Anniversary

Exclusive tasting menu

9-course menu available at THB 5,700 net per person including coffee and tea

6-course menu available at THB 3,300 net per person including coffee and tea (lunch only)

Wine pairing available

Who in Gourmet Bangkok team experienced this wine dinner at J’AIME by Jean-Michel Lorain?

Chelsea Chan ~ A food lover, golfer, fun lover, and adventurer
Chelsea ChanChelsea was born in Hong Kong and is a genuine food lover. Her palate is especially sharp on Cantonese food, delicacies from Hong Kong and meat (especially beef, chicken and lamb). She is able to taste how the food is cooked and prepared. Besides, she is also a pro buffet gourmet because of her unlimited appetite. When she says ‘too sweet’, it may not be sweet for you as her preference for chocolate is 72++ dark chocolate.

Neng Srichaisak ~ A pro golfer, travel lover and photographer
 Neng was born in Bangkok and is an enthusiastic photographer. Ever since joining the Gourmet Bangkok Team, he has developed an intense interest in food and food photography. He is good at searching the best angle for a dish. He likes spicy food and is able to tell the exotic spices used in Asian cuisine. He also acts as the Thai-Cantonese interpreter for Chelsea when reviewing restaurants in Bangkok. As he is a pro golfer, he reviews all golf courses for Gourmet International Team.

Will Gourmet Bangkok recommend the exclusive tasting menu at J’AIME by Jean-Michel Lorain?

Of course! It would be a fabulous chance to sample some of the classic French dishes by Michelin-starred Chef Jean-Michel and J’AIME’s head chef Amerigo Sesti.

J’AIME is a French restaurant that will never disappoint diners!  ~ Chelsea

Where is J’AIME by Jean-Michel Lorain?

J’AIME by Jean Michel Lorain
Address: 105 Soi Sathon 1, Thung Maha Mek, Sathon, Bangkok 10120
Phone: +662 119 4899
Opening Hours: 12:00 – 2:30 pm, 6:00 – 10:30 pm
Sunday brunch: 12:00 – 3:00 pm

Email: reserve@jaime-bangkok.com
Website: http://www.jaime-bangkok.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JMLBangkok 

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